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Cashback Blackjack Live Rules and Tips

How to play Live Cashback Blackjack, the new live dealer edition of an old RNG-based 21 variant from Playtech.

How to Play Live Cashback Blackjack, Live Dealer Edition of an RNG FavoriteCashback Blackjack is not a new concept, although it is new to the live dealer casino realm. Originally launched by Playtech a few years ago as a standard, RNG-based (computer generated) blackjack game, the live edition brings the rules to the table in a more realistic way than ever before.

Not much was altered between the RNG and Live format versions. The number of decks was increased from 6 to 8 to provide a smoother flowing game with fewer interruptions. Playtech infused the game’s rules with their ‘Unlimited Blackjack Live’ format to accommodate an infinite number of players at the table. Otherwise, the two variants are virtually identical.

How to Play Live Cashback Blackjack

Cashback 21 is just like any other player-friendly blackjack game. When the player is given one distinct advantage, the rest of the rules are edited to favor the house. In this case, the player’s advantage is the ability to take the money and run, so to speak.

Whenever it’s your turn to act, an extra option is displayed. Along with the usual Hit, Stand, Double, Split, and/or Insurance options, you’ll almost always be given the choice to ‘Cashout’. The amount you’ll be able to cash out for is displayed along with this option, and varies by the odds of you winning or losing the hand.

For example, let’s say you have A-8; a two-card total of 19. You can Cashout, Hit, Stand or Double. If the dealer is showing a King, your odds of winning the hand are lower, so your cashback value might be something like 75% of the original bet (e.g. $7.50 on a $10 bet; loss of $2.50). If, however, the dealer is showing a 5 or 6, your cashout value might be 175% of your bet (e.g. $17.50 on a $10 bet; profit of $7.50).

These are not precise amounts, mind you. They are just examples to make a point in explicating how the Cashback option works. The more likely you are to win the hand, the higher the cash out. The less likely, the less you get back.

Combine this strategic advantage with the specific rules of Cashback Blackjack Live, and you get an RTP of 99.55% (house edge 0.45%).

Specific Rules of Play

  • Decks: 8
  • Soft 17: Dealer Stands
  • Doubling: Yes, on any first 2 cards
  • Splitting: Yes, up to 3x (4 hands)
  • Double after Split: No
  • Resplit Aces: No
  • Draw to Split Aces: No
  • Surrender: No
  • Dealer Checks for Blackjack: Yes
  • Blackjack Pays: 3 to 2

Cashback Blackjack Live Side Bets

Like most of Playtech’s live dealer blackjack offerings, players are offered two common side bets, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. The tables below depict the rules, conditions for winning, and payouts for each.

21+3 Side Bet

This is an optional wager that the player’s original two cards, combined with the dealer’s face-up card, will make any of the three-card poker hands listed in the pay table below.
Player’s 2 Cards + Dealer’s Up-Card are… Pays
3 of a Kind, Same Suits 100 to 1
3-Card Straight Flush 40 to 1
3 of a Kind 30 to 1
3-Card Straight 10 to 1
3-Card Flush 5 to 1
House Edge = 3.70%

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

This is another optional wager in which the player is betting that their first two, original cards (prior to any splits) will be pairs. If the pairs are the same color, or better yet, the same suit, the payouts grow larger.
Player’s First Two Cards are… Pays
Pair, Same Suits 25 to 1
Pair, Same Colors 12 to 1
Pair, Mixed Suits 6 to 1
House Edge = 4.10%

Live Cashback 21 Strategy

We’re working on it – check back soon!

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