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Why Online Slots RTPs Aren’t Really Important

The Online Slots Hack You Never Expected – RTP Doesn’t Really Matter ?!

The Online Slots Hack You Never Expected – RTP Doesn’t Really MatterFor years, every gambling strategist – myself included – has touted the importance of a slot machine’s RTP. That is, the “return to player”, calculated as the amount of money a player wins back, compared to how much they bet. It matters in blackjack, as it does in all strategically driven games, where a player’s decisions have a notable impact on the probability of the outcome. But slot machines? Not so much.

Why the sudden change of heart? Because the gambling industry isn’t what it was a few decades ago; a few years ago, even. In the early days of slot machines, you got what you got. Availability was so limited, no one cared about RTP (except the casinos, of course). Now, it’s all about competition. Let me explain…

#1 Online Slots Hack for 2022 – RTP No Longer Matters

Competition in the gambling industry is so much greater than ever before. Decades ago, we had access to a very limited variety of casinos. We could travel to a local casino, if we were lucky enough to live within suitable driving distance. Or, we could make a holiday of it, traveling long-distance to places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or even London, England.

Fast forward to the early days of the ‘information highway’, when the internet brought us everything we could possibly imagine at our fingertips. Online casinos were among the first types of eCommerce to really take off. From the late 1990s onward, these digital delights provide access to the very same games we were once willing to travel so far to enjoy. The difference between the internet slot machines of old, and the ones available today, is the average payout ratio. And its ever-climbing height is driven entirely by the increasing level of competition.

As in any market, the greater the competition, the better the opportunities are for the consumer. For casinos, that means delivering slot machines with a relatively high RTP. Today’s average online slot machine pays out at 96%. That’s a pretty high number, especially when you consider the legal minimum in Las Vegas is just 75%. Due to the extreme competition on today’s Vegas Strip, no casino would ever make the self-mutilating mistake of setting its slots RTPs so low. But the simple fact that they can is a little daunting for players in the know.

The short of it is that competition is working to our benefit. Slot machines are no longer the worst paying games in the casino, online or on land. But online competition is much more fierce, meaning you can expect to find the absolute highest paying games right here on the world wide web, in all their digitally-rendered beauty.

High Volatility Overrides RTP Anyway

Competition isn’t the only reason slot machine RTP is less relevant today. Slot machines are the most volatile of all gambling devices. Think about it. There are only 37 possible outcomes in a European roulette game; only 6 possibilities on a money wheel; only 3 in baccarat. A slot machine, on the other hand, can spin out thousands of different combinations.

Of the minority spins that combine symbols into a winning representation, the value of the payout falls somewhere on a dramatic scale. You could win less money than you bet, all the way up to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars; possibly even millions!

The fact is, no one can predict what a slot machine will do, or when it will do it. The players don’t know. Casinos don’t know. The manufacturers don’t even know. The truth is, no matter what the RTP is, your odds of winning or losing really are determined by dumb luck (or lack thereof).

Two Exceptions to the Rule

There are two notable exceptions to the ‘RTP no longer matters’ rule. First and foremost, continue to avoid games with an exceptionally low RTP. Obviously, we would never recommend playing a game with a payout ratio under 90%. You might as well play the lottery at that point. Then again, the odds of you coming across such a horrifically low-paying game such as this at an online casino are about as bad as the odds of winning a jackpot; at least, in today’s market.

The only games that might offer such terrible odds are progressives, which brings us to the second exception to the rule – don’t bother playing progressive jackpot slots. Unless you’ve got a wealth of extra cash you don’t mind throwing away, these are truly the worst games on the market.

Yes, progressive slots do pay out their jackpot now and again. And yes, they will make someone very rich when they do. But the odds that you’ll be that lucky person are tens of millions to one. If you’re playing for entertainment value, with the hope of getting the most value for your betting bucks, these are among the worst games to play.

This brings me to my final piece of advice…

Enjoy the Experience, Or Why Bother Playing?

Like all gambling amusements, online slot machines should be played for entertainment value above all else. There is no such thing as a game with a positive expected value. Every casino game comes with a house edge. Probability states that you’re more likely to lose money. The more you play, the more you can expect to lose. Some players get lucky and win. The smart ones walk away with a profit. But casinos stay in business for a reason – most players lose, or don’t know when to stop.

Be smart. Have fun. Enjoy the experience for the entertainment value it was always meant to provide. These are the best tips, and the only online slots hack you’ll ever really need.

Choose a slot machine with a familiar theme; one you can relate to, such as a film, television show, or favorite music band. This is sure to elevate the fun you experience throughout the game. Don’t rush through it either. Take your time, enjoying the graphics and sound effects along the way. Above all, know when to stop. Never spend more than you can afford, and if you hit a big win, either walk away right then and there, or set aside enough of that money to ensure you leave a winner when you’re done.


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