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iGaming Perks: More Payments vs More Games

Weighing More Payments vs Game Variety at Online Canadian Casinos

Online casino gambling comes with a lot of advantages. You can play from the comfort and safety of home. The games are compatible with all computers and mobile devices. You can play for fun or bet real money, with virtually no limitations. The list of benefits for Canadian iGamers goes on an on. In fact, in the last few years, the act of online casino gaming has become so prominent, it’s less about why it’s so preferred, and more about what features are most important.

Benefits of Variety in Online Canadian Casinos: Payments vs Games

Today, we’ll be comparing two features that many players set high upon their priority list when seeking out a worthy digital gambling website. They are the number of available payment options, and the length of the games menu. Both are admirable features, but in today’s high-tech world, one has become far more important than the other.

Payments vs. Games at Online Canadian Casinos

Throughout the 20+ year history of online casinos, the abundance of available payment methods and variety in game selection have dominated the preferences of the Canada’s iGaming masses. Sure, promotional generosity is an eye-catcher too, but if there’s no secure way to move funds, and/or no games that suit your fancy, what good is a bonus going to do you?

We’ll start by taking a quick look at the dominant appeal behind these two features.

Payment Methods

Having an abundance of payment methods means you’re sure to find one – if not many – to suit your banking needs. Not everyone prefers the same method of payment. Some of us like Interact for its quick, direct-banking transfers. Some prefer to use their credit or debit card. Others put their trust in the reliability of major eWallets like Neteller, PayPal and Skrill.

Online casinos love to provide a long list of payment options to impress new players, and give affiliates something to praise in their reviews, thereby helping to drive traffic to their website.

Game Variety

Year’s ago, a games menu with 100 titles was impressive. It meant players would find all the table game favorites, like blackjack, baccarat and roulette, a few popular video poker games, and dozens of online slot machines. What more could you ask for? A whole lot, apparently.

Today’s gambling sites have the potential to go well beyond that. With so many software platforms on the market, some operators choose to integrate thousands of digital casino games. A single online casino could offer dozens of different blackjack games, each with a slightly different set of rules; more lsot machines than a single person could ever play; a plethora of table games most people have never heard of – all rolled up into one massive gaming menu.

What’s More Important to Canadians?

The logical answer here is game variety. In terms of usage, having access to more games is important than an abundance of payment methods. You’re only going to use one deposit method, and one withdrawal method. For most players, the same method is chosen for both deposits and withdrawals. Thus, it doesn’t matter how many banking options a site offers. So long as a few quality options are available, you’re covered.

Game variety, on the other hand, will impact your overall experience. Unless you’re a single-minded card gamer with no interest in anything but blackjack, you don’t just play one game. The average casino gamer likes to try a little bit of everything. Even if you only play online slots, as so many players do, the variety of slot machines is going to matter.

To sum it up, we have to conclude that a large game variety is more important than an abundance of payment methods. You only need one good payment option to place bets at online Canadian casinos, whereas your level and length of enjoyment will be directly impacted by the number of games available to you.

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