5 Apr

Top 5 Online Casino, Poker and Sports Betting Tips

Gambling tips and tricks that only work in online gambling.

Online Casino Help forBest Gambling Tips and Tricks that Only Work in Online Gambling Beginners – Read Before You Deposit!

Time and again, it’s been noted that certain gambling strategies only work in land-based casinos. The most commonly known is card counting. The internet’s RNG-based blackjack games shuffle the deck after every game. Even web-streaming live dealer casinos shuffle the shoe at no more than 50% depth. If you’re going to count cards in blackjack, it must be done at a physical casino, or it’s pointless.

Today, we’re flipping the coin. In the following sections, we’ll be talking about five online casino, poker and sports betting tips that only work at internet gambling sites. If you enjoy any of these online or mobile gaming verticals, please continue reading…

Gambling Tips & Tricks that Only Work Online

As we all know, there are many different types of gamblers. Some like casino games best. Others enjoy poker. Some are partial to betting on sports. My aim is to appease the masses by providing some money-saving and/or money-making tips for all of you.

#1 Comparing Best Bonus Deals – All Online Gambling

One thing that sets internet gambling sites apart from their terrestrial cousins is their immensely competitive nature. Aside from gambling meccas like Las Vegas and Macau, most casinos don’t have a lot of competition. Here in Canada for example, we generally visit the closest casino. Online sites don’t have this luxury. They are forced to compete with every other operator in the cybernetic space.

In doing so, these websites offer their players valuable promotions. Free slots play, deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and more are readily available. The usual VIP programs and reward comps are there too, but these online gaming bonus offers are exceptional. Players can compare offers, make sure the bonus is usable on their favorite games, and – with a little luck – complete the wagering requirements to win money before investing a single dollar.

#2 High RTP Slot Machines – Online Casinos

The payout percentage, or return to player (RTP) of a slot machine denotes its value for experienced players. The RTP is the percentage a machine pays back, compared to its intake. The higher the RTP, the better. Only online casinos can offer slot machine RTPs as high as 98% and 99%. On land, you can expect anything from 85% up to 95% at the very best.

Slot machine games are the bread and butter for land-based casinos. They have to generate enough money to pay hundreds, if not thousands of employees, not to mention monthly utility bills that grow higher than some people’s annual salaries. Therefore physical casinos cannot realistically set the RTPs as high as their online counterparts.

#3 Win Money With No Risk – Online Poker

Although not the easiest thing to do, it is possible to win money playing online poker long before investing your own cash. These days, poker bonuses are generally designed to require a deposit. However, some sites offer play-money users access to small-time freerolls. Using the winnings from these events, you can enter other tournaments with real cash prizes. Win those, and you’ve got a free cash bankroll underway.

#4 Multi-Tabling – Online Poker

Do you consider yourself a pretty good poker player? Have you been beating small-time cash tables, but find the money isn’t enough at those levels to sustain a career? If only you could join in two, three, even four or more of the cash games at your local casino; think you’d make enough then? If you play online poker, you can do just that. Most sites allow multi-tabling on up to 8 or 12 tables at once. But be careful – it can get pretty crazy with that many windows open!

#5 Be the Bookie – Online Sports Betting

No casino sportsbook is going to let you set your own lines. That’s their job. But online betting exchanges do it all the time. Anyone can offer the odds they want to bet at, and if anyone else is willing to lay those odds, the bet is on. Likewise, you can scour the odds of other punters and choose to lay their odds if you find them appealing.

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