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Online Casino Disconnect FAQs

What happens if you disconnect from online casino games during play?

What Happens if you Disconnect from Online Casino Games during PlayAfter more than two decades, the internet is still an unstable place to operate. In the early years, disconnections were a constant. As frustrating as it was, we came to expect, if not anticipate them. Now, technology is much better, connection speeds are much faster, and networks are a lot more stable. But the occasional disconnect does happen. Something as common as a thunderstorm can wreak havoc on your connection.

For most internet-based activities, this isn’t a problem. People reconnect in a matter of moments; many not even realizing they’ve experienced a disconnection. But in the online casino business, players often fear the instability of their connection more than anything else.

What happens if you have a bet on the virtual blackjack table, and suddenly, your mobile network crashes? Or you spin the slots reels and the electricity goes out, powering off your modem and router? What if you’re playing live dealer blackjack and are just about to double on 6+5 against dealer 8, or just pressed the draw button on Jacks-or-Better? Is it an automatic loss?

What Happens if you Disconnect from Online Casino Games during Play

Fortunately, online gaming operators are well aware of the potential threat of a disconnection. Today’s technology is so sophisticated that safety measures can be applied to ensure players, and their wagers, are protected.

Every operator has its own policies in regard to disconnect issues. Most follow a standard protocol for how to handle such situations. We’ll take a brief walk-through of what usually happens, depending on which type of game you’re playing when the disconnect occurs.

Remember, though, that not all policies are the same. Check your casino’s disconnection player protections for exact time frames and protocols.

Decision-Based Table Games (Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Video Poker, etc.)

Because these games are electronic and you’re the only player involved in wagering, this is an easy fix. Most online casinos will keep decision-based table game bets in play for up to 30 days following a disconnect. So long as you log back into your account within 30 days, you’ll be instantly taken back to the disconnected table, right where you let off, able to make the next decision. If you do not log back in within the given time frame, the computer will automatically play out your hand, often based on optimal strategy. You can log into your game history to learn the final result.

One-Click Games (i.e. Slot Machines, Roulette, Baccarat, Keno, etc.)

These games use similar rules, based on where you were in the game during the disconnection. If you’ve placed a bet, but have yet to press the spin/play button, the bet is simply returned to your account balance. If the spin/play is in progress when the disconnect occurs, the random number generator (RNG) will produce a result. From that random result, winning bets are paid into your account, losing bets collected, and the results recorded in your game history.

Live Games (i.e. Live Dealer Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette etc.)

Unfortunately, due to the live multi-player aspect, the disconnect rules for these games don’t always favor the player. In live baccarat or roulette, it won’t matter. You either win or lose. But in live blackjack, it’s different. Live dealers cannot stop the action. Unless you can reconnect and make your decision before the usual amount of given time lapses, most live casinos will automatically “stand” the hand. So, if you’re looking at 6+5 against a dealer’s 9, you won’t get to hit that hand. It will stand at 11, and only win if the dealer busts.

Bear this in mind when choosing whether or not to play live casino games. Does your ISP or mobile network have a history of disconnect issues? Is there a thunderstorm headed your way? If you experience a disconnect from online casino games during play, your choice of live versus RNG-based gaming could directly influence your odds of winning or losing the game.

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