6 Jul

Never Pay for a Gambling Strategy – Guarantees don’t Exist

#1 Casino Scam: Selling fool-proof casino strategies that can’t lose.

Casino Scam Selling Fool-Proof Casino Strategies that Can't LoseThere’s a lot of nasty, underhanded tricks that go on at casinos. Scams take place all the time—some involving significantly more illegal activities than others. One of the more seemingly-innocent varieties comes by way of selling false information; in particular, promising a fool-proof gambling strategy that’s “guaranteed to win”.

It’s the most common of all casino scams, found on the internet and in every book store from here to Hong Kong. Perpetuating the problem is a mass of uneducated, inexperienced gamblers who are constantly searching for ways to beat the casino.

There’s no harm in using betting systems or casino game strategies. But guaranteeing an unsuspecting player that they can’t possibly lose? That’s an outrageous lie. And the lowest of the lows are the ones that ask people to pay for this erroneous information.

Fool-Proof Casino Strategies that Can’t Lose?

In truth, there is one way—and only one way—to guarantee you won’t lose at the casino. Don’t play! If you don’t take the risk, you can’t lose any money. You can’t win either, but hey, at least it’s not a lie. And, you didn’t need a credit card to learn that lesson. But this isn’t the kind of advice people are selling.

A quick search of the world wide web reveals page after page “can’t lose”, “guaranteed to win”, “never fails” systems and strategies. They’re promoted for every wagering mechanism under the sun. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, slot machines, even track betting. But understand, there are no guarantees. They simply don’t exist.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if these so-called fool-proof tactics were real. Word of mouth is viral, especially with today’s social media. More and more people would use them, and casinos would go out of business. But as more and more of these ‘guarantees’ appear, we can clearly see that that hasn’t been the case. Casinos continue to thrive. They make billions of dollars every year, both on land and online.

Why there is No Guaranteed Gambling Strategy

Think about all the betting systems out there. They all require the gambler to place a specific number of bet units with each progressive win or loss. They are designed so that the player takes minimal risk, and will be ahead by 1 unit once they win a game or hand. They seem like a perfect strategy for winning, but they aren’t.

Betting systems rely on the player winning within a certain number of plays. If they don’t, the bet size continues to increase, eventually exceeding their bankroll limit, or the table’s limit. Casino operators know full well that, system or not, the odds are in their favor. Even those mathematical probabilities, which people selling ‘casino strategies that can’t lose‘ love to talk about, don’t add up in your favor. Not in the long-term.

And what about blackjack or video poker strategies that promise a 99.9% expected return to player (RTP)? Wow, that’s a high percentage rate. That’s almost 100%! But consider this… That 99.9% is the amount of your bankroll you’ll be expecting to keep. Losing 0.1% of your money is still losing. Wasn’t that strategy supposed to help you win?

The fact is, gambling with skill matters, but luck will always prevail. That’s why they’re called ‘games of chance‘. No matter how good you are at math, card counting, hand deduction, or handicapping, a bad luck streak can cost you everything. Then again, a good luck streak can rake in big bucks. Feel free to use all the tactics you want, but never pay for a gambling strategy that claims perfection. You’re only throwing away more money.

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