28 Nov

Saving Cash for a Night of Online Casino Fun

How to budget for a fun but cheap online casino experience.

Cheap Online Casino FunIn today’s modern society, there aren’t too many free forms of entertainment. There are some – you could play cards or a board game with the family. If there’s no one else around, a good book, or movie and popcorn will do the trick. But sometimes, we want something more fulfilling. Something more exciting. Something that doesn’t come free.

For many of us, casino games can be a very satisfying form of entertainment. Not only are they fun, they actually offer a chance to win something back, which would be great if you’re already trying to save money. You may think I’m crazy – gambling away money on a budget? But it’s really a matter of how you work that budget.

If there’s no extra income to spend on entertainment, obviously you shouldn’t be using bill or grocery money to do it. But there are ways to save extra cash, even on a tight budget.

Budgeting for a Cheap Online Casino Experience

First of all, you may have noticed that I’m suggesting an online casino, not a land-based one. Realistically, there’s no such thing as a cheap land-based casino. The minimum stakes are higher, the food is expensive, etiquette requires tipping, and then there’s the cost of traveling to get there.

Online casinos allow you to spend every dollar of your bankroll on games, instead of splitting it up to cover added expenses. The slots can be played for pennies per spin, and the tables games start at $1, if not lower.

With that said, the following tips can help you set a few extra dollars aside to enjoy that experience, without overextending your budget.

Stick To The Plan…

If you set a spending budget, don’t break it. That budget should provide for all bills, groceries and household needs, plus a modest amount for entertainment. Cutting out impulsive purchases and frivolous spending is the number one way to save money.

Alternate Transportation / Car-Pool to Work

Fuel prices are not cheap these days. Not everyone has the option of car-pooling to work. Maybe you have a long commute, or none of your co-workers live in your general area. If you’re spending a lot on fuel to travel to/from work, see about alternate transportation methods. Can you take the bus, or the subway? If it’s close enough, invest in a nice bicycle and let your legs be the fuel (when seasonably appropriate). Cutting down on fuel costs will certainly help save some cash.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Electricity can be expensive, especially when we aren’t conscious of how much energy we use. Shut off the lights every time you leave a room. Don’t leave your computer, TV or gaming system on stand-by – turn them off. Open windows when it’s nice out to reduce heat/air conditioning usage. In cold weather, set your thermometer two degrees lower than you actually want the temperature to be and wear a sweater. This will save a lot more money than you might think!

Go Shopping Once a Week

Instead of going to the store every day, or other day, to grab this and that, buy your groceries in bulk. Get a newspaper, look through the sales ads, and make a full shopping list. Get a week’s worth of groceries and household goods. You’ll be shocked how much less money you waste when you stop making short trips to the store all week.

Online Casino Fun Awaits

Before you know it, you’ll have a nice bankroll to play cheap online casino games. Hours of entertainment await, and it doesn’t have to break your budget. Who knows, you might even get lucky enough to win more cash than you started.


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