23 Oct

ETH Crypto Gaming – Ethereum in Review

Review and History of Ethereum: Betting on ETH Mobile Casinos

Review of Ethereum Crypto: History, Exchange Data and Betting with ETHEthereum appeared in 2013 as a revolutionary new cryptocurrency utilizing smart contracts as its proof of work, and to guarantee the rendering of services paid for. Think of it like selling your house. You want a good real estate agent who does all the legwork, markets the property, and sets up an escrow account to guarantee everything goes smoothly. Ethereum’s smart contracts do the same, except they’re automatic, and instead of skimming 7% off sale price as commission, they’re free. Under this game-changing premise, ETH quickly grew into one of the best performing cryptos of all time, featured on every exchange known to the digital coin market.

Ethereum Crypto Review

Ethereum hit the ground running in mid-2013. Its innovative concept immediately paved the way for yet another highly volatile digital currency; not quite so jumpy as Bitcoin, but still risky for investors. See the time-stamp values below to track its growth rate over time, and scroll down to learn more about the history of ETH, where to buy it, and which crypto casinos offer ETH betting.

ETH Launch Date
July 30, 2013
Value at Launch
Jan 1, 2020
Dec 1, 2020
Nov 23, 2022
Note: All price values are listed in US$.

History of Ethereum Cryptocurrency

In 2013, Ethereum (ETH) creator Vitalik Buterin was a programmer specializing in decentralized applications. He co-founded Bitcoin Magazine, and openly argued that Bitcoin needed its own scripting language for application development. Bitcoin’s creators weren’t interested, so he developed one of his own. Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source crypto, and one of the most popular altcoins ever released. Since its launch in 2015, Ethereum has become the world’s most actively used blockchain, and the second-largest crypto by market volume. Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2) is currently in the works, and is expected to increase the current throughput rate of fifteen transactions per second up to tens-of-thousands.

Where to Buy & Store ETH Coins

ETH Ethereum Crypto AltcoinAs one of the first and fastest growing cryptos in existence, you should have no trouble finding a reliable exchange to buy it on. You find sold ETH everywhere that Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and all other major cryptos are sold. Being so widely available, the key is to find an exchange with a minimal commission rate. As for storing ETH, any digital wallet designed to hold multi-coin currencies use should do.

ETH Online Casinos

Ethereum is a perfect mode of payment in today’s digital world. Through smart contracts, everyone involved in a transaction is required to fulfill their end of the bargain before anyone gets their due payment. If you buy something with ETH, you’ll relinquish the coins, but the seller won’t get them until you receive the goods.

It’s actually far more complex than crypto casinos require. But when it comes to your money, there’s nothing wrong with upping the ante on security. The real question is, which crypto casinos are worth your ETH betting coins? Having personally researched and accessed a plethora of crypto iGaming sites, I can confidently recommend the following ETH online casinos:

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