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TRX Crypto Casinos – Tron Review

History and Data on Tron and Canada Casinos Accepting TRX Crypto

Review of Tron and TRX Betting in Canada and Beyond - An analysis of Tron with list of Canada casinos accepting TRX crypto paymentsTron (TRX) was ushered into digital existence by Justin Sun, a man with a vibrant personality and strong head for FinTech business. His company, Tron Foundation, developed TRX as the next-gen crypto, capable of processing 2000 transactions per second, with no limits, and absolutely no transaction fees. As far as security goes, Tron is the PayPal of decentralized smart contracts. Everybody trusts it. Unlike PayPal, of course, nobody has to pay for Tron.

Tron Crypto Review

TRX was released in early 2017, and by 2018, was already ranked among the top 10 crypto currencies by market cap. Based on Ethereum’s ETC-20, all TRX tokens reside on the Ethereum Mainnet, where they’ve steadily gained value over time. See the time-stamp values below to track its growth rate over time, and scroll down to learn more about the history of TRX , where to buy it, and which crypto casinos offer TRX betting.

TRX Launch Date
November 2017
Value at Launch
Jan 1, 2020
Dec 1, 2020
Nov 29, 2022
Note: All price values are listed in US$.

History of Tron Cryptocurrency

In its first year, Tron (TRX) was plagued by accusations of plagiarism, both in its white paper and its open-source coding. In 2018, developers shifted gears, dumping the Ethereum-derived ERC-20 protocol in favor of a peer-to-peer file sharing network. This move spearheaded Tron’s ultimate success, rising through the ranks to become a top-10 crypto company. Still, Tron is widely considered to be a clone of ETH. Its long-term growth is questionable, however, due to a continuous strain of negative press that could be describes as everything from embarrassing, to outright scandalous.

Where to Buy & Store TRX Crypto

TRX Tron Altcoin CryptoTron is not as readily available as other major cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, but it’s not hard to find, either. Coinbase doesn’t support it, but the Binance Exchange does. If you buy it with their native crypto, Binance Coin (BNB),  you’ll get a deeply discounted commission rate, as well. As an ETC-20 based crypto, TRX can be stored in any Ethereum wallet (MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, etc.)

TRX Online Casinos

Tron is making its digital name known in the coin-based iGaming community. Its decentralized nature, combined with a unique designated-proof-of-stake protocol, makes it an ultimately secure and wholly anonymous option, perfect for iGamers with discriminating taste. If that describes you, you’ll want to take the time to find a crypto casino of equally refined merit. Having personally researched and accessed a plethora of crypto iGaming sites, I can recommend the following TRX online casinos:


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