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Review of Litecoin – The LTC iGaming Market Today

Litecoin Review: Trusting in Canadian LTC Casinos Since 2011

Canadian LTC Casinos OnlineLitecoin (LTC) is one of the original blockchain technologies, emerging two years after Bitcoin, from which it was forked. It is a decentralized, unregulated currency, requiring no intermediary to facilitate transactions. Anyone can have it, use it, send or receive it, without the prying eyes of any bank or government monitoring it. LTC is considered an improved version of Bitcoin because it is able to record blocks on the blockchain at a rate approximately 4x faster. Its speed is produced by using a Scrypt algorithm as its proof-of-work, which also translates to lower commissions.

Litecoin Crypto Review

Litecoin was the first Bitcoin fork, released in 2011 as a faster, cheaper form of cryptocurrency. It’s proved to be far more stable than its ancestor, but still a valuable commodity in terms of investment opportunities. See the time-stamp values below to track its growth rate over time, and scroll down to learn more about the history of LTC, where to buy it, and which crypto casinos offer LTC betting.

LTC Launch Date
October 13, 2011
Value at Launch
Jan 1, 2020
Dec 1, 2020
Nov 29, 2022
Note: All price values are listed in US$.

History of Litecoin Cryptocurrency

Litecoin (LTC) was first released in late 2011 as a source code fork of Bitcoin Core. The primary differences between the two are LTC’s lower block generation time (2-1/2 minutes), higher coin cap, and a scrypt based proof of work, as opposed to BTC’s SHA-256. LTC experienced similar fluctuations in the crypto market for the first few years of its existence, but has since steadily diverged from comparability with Bitcoin.

Where to Buy & Store LTC Crypto

LTC Litecoin Altcoin CryptoIt took approximately two years for Litecoin to gain the recognition it so rightfully deserves. In 2013, it became a top-10 crypto, henceforth worthy of listing on every reputable crypto exchange. Forked from Bitcoin Core, it is compatible with all digital wallets.  

Canadian LTC Casinos

Although we don’t generally call them “Litecoin Casinos“, LTC is just as synonymous with BTC and its colloquial pairing of Bitcoin Casinos. In short, any crypto currency casino worth accessing will offer Litecoin, alongside Bitcoin and other major altcoins, as a preferred method of payment. That means you, the LTC-friendly consumer, have an opportunity to shop around for a top-rated iGaming operation that meets all your needs. Having personally researched and accessed a plethora of crypto iGaming sites, I can recommend the following LTC online casinos:

The Best Canadian Bitcoin Casino for 2023

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