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How to Speak with Live Dealers

How to Speak with Live Dealers

The propitious benefits of live dealer casinos are largely unquestionable. They provide access to real tables, with real people, who participate in genuinely realistic casino games. But, like any realistic casino experience, beginners may feel awkward, if not intimidated, by the presence of real, live dealers and players. The following text is meant to help ease such trepidation.


How to Talk to Live Casino Dealers

Communication is as simple as typing in a chat box, but doing it wrong could get you ousted from the table. Alongside obligatory greetings and casual banter, there are situations in which you may feel inclined to speak up. We’ll teach you how to speak with live dealers in all situations, and the proper etiquette when doing so.

  • Using the Chat Feature: Chatting with a live dealer is not a complicated procedure. You can see and hear them, but they cannot see or hear you. Your end of the communique takes place via text chat…
  • Behind the Scenes: When you understand the mechanics behind live dealer casinos, it lowers the barrier of personal disconnection between all of the people involved…
  • Chat Etiquette: Proper etiquette is the most important thing of all when chatting with live dealers. Always consider kindness and common courtesy in your interactions…
  • When Others are Rude: Belligerent people are an inevitable problem in most internet-based social situations, and live casinos are no different. Rule number one – don’t follow suit…
  • Suspected Dealer Errors: This is a rare problem, but one that does exist. If you suspect the dealer has made an error, accidentally or intentionally, don’t freak out. Follow protocol…
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Learn How to Speak with Live Dealers

The technology behind live casino interaction isn’t all that complicated, but you need to understand that your form of communication differs greatly from theirs. On the casino end, high-tech video and audio equipment is in place so that you can see and hear the dealer at all times. Conversely, the dealer cannot see or hear you. All communications on your end are processed via textual chat.

When you join any live dealer game, a chat input area will be provided. It will either be a segment of the game window, or a separate, smaller window, adjacent to the game screen. At the bottom of this area, you will see a horizontal chat input box. To the right of this will be a Send button. Up above, a larger section displays all chat messages from players at the table.

To use the chat screen, press on the text input area. Type your message, then press the Send button. Your message will appear in the chat box above the input screen.

Understanding the Mechanics Behind Live Casinos

The key in this lesson is to realize and never forget that live dealers are people, just like you and me. They are not a digitally rendered embodiment of human proportions. They do not emit computer generated responses. These are human beings with real feelings and emotions who deserve the same respect you would naturally offer any person you might encounter in any other professional setting.

To help you rationalize this fact, we’re going to take a quick look at the mechanics behind live casinos. The photograph below depicts the typical setup in a live casino studio. As you can see, each dealer in the studio has a monitor positioned at eye level in front of their table. This monitor is the catalyst behind their professionalism. It shows them who has just entered, all chat interactions from players, and the in-game actions taken by those at the table.

How to Talk to Live Casino Dealers

Their jobs are not nearly so easy as you may think. In fact, working as a dealer in a live studio is far more complicated than a live environment, because there is so much more for them to keep up with. They cannot hear the players, but must read each of their communications, all without skipping a beat in the game at hand. Which brings us to…

Proper Live Dealer Casino Etiquette

Talking to live dealers is the easy part. Type message, press Send. Knowing how to talk to them, and keeping your communications to a reasonable minimum – that’s the hard part. As stated above, they are performing a job, and if they have to stop to read your long, whimsical musings, it’s only interrupting the game for everyone. That said, let’s go over some basic ground rules.

Rule #1: Greetings! The dealer will greet every player who joins the table. It is proper to greet them back. Like an in-person greeting, it is just plain rude to ignore it. Be polite and say hello back.

Rule #2: Keep your messages short and to the point. Long-winded paragraphs are highly inappropriate. If the dealer wanted to read books, they would have become an editor.

Rule #3: Do not chat without purpose. No one wants to hear about what your cat is doing. Occasional banter and good humored jokes are okay, but don’t get carried away.

Rule #4: Avoid volatile topics like politics and religious beliefs.

Rule #5: The dealer is not responsible for your win/loss rate. Do not respond negatively if you hit a bad streak of hands.

Rule #6: Use of profane language, obscene remarks or insulting comments will not be tolerated. Live dealers cannot wash your mouth out with soap, but they can have you removed from the table in an instant.

Rule #7: No personal information should be shared. Do not tell the chat personal details about yourself, and do not ask others to provide their own personal details.

Rule #8: The dealer is not interested in you. Innocent flirtation is okay once or twice, but do not carry on, and do not be inappropriate. Such behavior will get you kicked out almost as fast at spewing profanity.

Rule #9: Just like a real casino, avoid drunken interactions. There’s nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks, but if your behavior reflects severe insobriety, you guessed it – you’re out.

Rule #10: Moms everywhere agree… If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Learn How to Respond to Rude Players

Unfortunately, there are always going to be a few people who don’t follow the rules. The internet in particular is a hot bed for anti-social behavior. Too many people feel that, because they can’t be seen or identified, it gives them the right to act uncivil to one another. Be very careful how you respond to people who act this way.

It’s so easy to respond negatively to these types of players. If someone is hurling insults, our first reaction might be to insult them back, but stooping to their level solves nothing. Breaking the rules to berate someone who is breaking the rules will only result in the both of you getting kicked out.

It’s best not to get involved at all. However, if you feel you must say something in the dealer’s defense, you could simply apologize for the neanderthal’s behavior, or try requesting a moment of silence as everyone waits for the chat moderator to unceremoniously boot that player from the table. These are calm reactions that promote positivity without disturbing the peace.

If these options don’t appeal to you, then I must direct you back to Rule #10. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Wait for the operator to deal with the situation.

How to Handle an Error by a Live Dealer

Human error is a natural problem. We all make mistakes sometimes. Live dealers undergo extensive training before entering into this profession. This helps reduce the number of errors to an absolute minimum, but sometimes – just like the rest of us – they will make a mistake.

Accidental errors may be pointed out, but not in an inappropriate way. If you believe a mistake was made, send a message to the dealer stating what you saw. Be matter of fact, but not accusatory. If the error impacts the outcome of a game, a pit boss can be called over to resolve the situation and review the camera footage, if necessary.

Be extremely careful not to fling false accusations. Do not raise the question unless you’re at least 90% positive that you’re right. If you’re not that certain, but would like another look, don’t interrupt the game. Take note of the time and all available table/hand details, then contact a support agent requesting the footage be reviewed.

If you suspect an error was intentionally made by a dealer – and by this, I mean you honestly believe the dealer is purposely cheating – do not outright accuse them in the chat. Start gathering as much evidence as you can. Keep video logs of the game if possible. If you are able to identify the error in a recorded video, send a copy to the online casino’s support center. Ask them to review the same time-stamped footage.

If this gets you nowhere, you’ll need to go straight to the live casino’s regulatory authority; the government body that licenses and oversees their remote gaming operations. This is why it’s so important to steer clear of potentially rogue operators who aren’t licensed in reputable jurisdictions. For more information, see this article on how to file a complaint against online casino services.

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