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How to Deposit at Canadian Casinos

How to Deposit at Canadian Casinos

For more than twenty years now, the most common questions from newcomers to the online casino market have been about deposits. How do you deposit? Is it secure? What’s the safest, fastest, or cheapest way to do it? If you’re at that point, relax. All of your questions are about to be in answered in our easy Q&A.


How to Make an Online Casino Deposit in Canada

The following segments will teach you everything you need to know about how to make a Canadian casino deposit online. We’ll go over some of the different payment methods available, including those specific to the Canadian market, and provide answers to the most common questions from the internet’s first-time, real-money casino players.


How Secure are Online Casino Deposits?

This is the number one question. Players who aren’t familiar with the industry are often curious just how secure the payments are. Your skepticism is reasonable, to say the least. After all, most online casinos are located overseas. How do you trust an international business that you aren’t familiar with?

You have to recognize that an online casino is just like any other online merchant or service supplier. If you buy items online, pay your bills online, hire services online – these are all online banking transactions. Transferring money to/from a reputable online casino is no different.

The truth is, the security of your transactions depends largely on you, the player. There are two steps you can take to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information.

1. Due Diligence

First, you must make sure that the online casino you join is reputable. Look into the company. See how long it’s been around, where it’s licensed, and if there are any recent complaints circulating. The security of your deposits will mimic the integrity of the online casino you choose to join.

2. Security & You

Second, consider how secure your computer or mobile device is. Do you have anti-virus and anti-malware protection on your computer? Do you visit any websites prone to infecting systems with malicious software, viruses, malware, trojans, etc? And lastly, do you set strong passwords and keep them to yourself? Suffice it to say, the more diligent you are in protecting your systems and passwords, the more secure all of your online transactions will be – not just online casino deposits.

How Long do International Casino Deposits Take?

You might think that transferring money to an international account takes longer than processing a payment to your local utility company, but that’s not the case. Online casino deposits – whether domestic or international – use the same electronic funds transfer (EFT) protocol as any other digital banking method. So long as the funds are available in the account your transferring them from, your casino account will be credited almost instantly.

You’re correct in thinking the money doesn’t actually arrive at the international bank account within moments. That process will take a few days. The beauty of the EFT protocol is that it will immediately verify whether the money you’re depositing is available to transfer. If it is, the online casino knows the money is on the way. Therefore, it is willing to give you credit for it right away. This process makes online casino deposits seem instant, when in reality, they take the standard 3-5 business days to reach their destination.

Are Withdrawals Just as Fast?

Unfortunately, no. Financial institutions are not nearly so gracious as online casinos. When you request a withdrawal, no matter what payment method you choose, you will not have access to that money until it actually arrives in your account. This normally takes anywhere from 1-5 business days; longer for a cheque by mail, of course.

How to Deposit at Canadian Casinos

How you deposit will depend largely on your method of choice. Choosing the right method depends on the individual. We all have different preferences, and most us already have accounts set up with different online payment processors. What’s best for you might not be best for someone else.

Some of the more popular methods include Interac, EFT, and eCheck. These are all forms of electronic transfers, or eTransfers for short. All you need to use them is a Canadian bank account – something any responsible adult should have. Below is a brief description of each, followed by links to learn more about those that interest you the most, and instructions for their use.

Interac Deposits

Interac is a strictly Canadian method of online banking. It was founded in the 1980s by the communal efforts of 5 major Canadian banks as a way to quickly and securely transfer money between them. Today, it has grown into a free service available to members of more than 250 banks nationwide. Interac is widely recognized as the safest and most secure way to transfer money to/from a Canadian bank account.

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Instant EFT Deposits

An Instant EFT, is a direct transfer from one bank account to another. The funds are delivered electronically, requiring only your bank account information. This includes your bank name, bank routing number, and your account number. EFTs can be pricey, depending on your bank, so be sure to check the fee schedule before initiating an EFT payment.

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eCheck Despoits

An eCheck, or Instant eCheck, is a popular payment method all over the world. Short short electronic check/cheque, it is essentially the same thing as writing a paper cheque, except that you are doing it digitally. The same information found on a paper cheque is supplied, including the account number and routing number. They are not difficult, and instructions will be provided at the time of depositing. They are also free to issue from most bank accounts.

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