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Bit-Load of Tournaments at Playamo Casino

Review of Playamo Bitcoin Casino Tournaments for May 2021.

Review of Playamo Bitcoin Casino Tournaments for May 2021Playamo Casino is hosting half a dozen tournaments right now. If you’re a member, or are thinking about signing up an account, now’s a good time to check out what Playamo Bitcoin Casino has to offer. That includes the current tournament line-up, which is teeming with value.

More than 100,000 in cash prizes, bonuses, and free spins are being given away each and every week at Playamo. It’s not just slot machines you can win on, either. There are table games tournaments on the menu, as well as lottery-style drawings.

Playamo Bitcoin Casino Tournaments Going On Now

Let’s take a quick look at the six different tournaments taking place right now at one of Canada’s most popular Bitcoin online casinos. Click on the tournament you want to read more about, or simply keep scrolling to read them all.

Important Note: All cash amounts are shown in the casino’s default Euro currency. All minim bets and cash prizes should be converted to your selected currency equivalent.

Tournament Weekly Prizes
Fast Spin Slot Race €10,500 + 14,000 Free Spins
Slot of the Week 4,000 Free Spins
The Table Battle €1,000
Drops & Wins €34,600 (€2.5m total)
Playamo Lottery 6,000 Free Spins (every 5 days)
BNG Birthday €40,000

Fast Spin Slot Race

Playamo Fast Spin Slot Race Tournament

The Fast Spins Slot Race is a staple event fo Playamo Casino. It takes place twice daily, and will continue to do so for an undetermined amount of time. Every 12 hours, the top 30 players will share in a prize pool that includes €750 + 1,000 Free Spins. that’s a grand total of €10,500 in cash prizes, plus 14,000 Free Spins, each and every week.

All you have to do to claim a share of the prize pie is play the slot machines. Every wager of at least €0.10 (or currency equivalent) counts. Players earn 1 point for every €1.00 in cumulative wagers. The top 30 points earners win a prize, according to the following pay chart.

Place Prize Place Prize
1st €250 10th €20
2nd €125 11th 100 FS
3rd €100 12th 90 FS
4th €75 13th-15th 80 FS
5th €50 16th-17th 60 FS
6th €40 18th-20th 50 FS
7th €35 21st-25th 40 FS
8th €30 26th-30th 20 FS
9th €25

Slot of the Week

Playamo Bitcoin Casino Tournaments Slot of the Week

Every week, Playamo chooses one special video slot to represent in its Slot of the Week tournament. At time of writing, Lucky Lady’s Clover is the game of choice. Be sure to check the Playamo Tournaments page to see which game is on the menu when you visit. Each new round begins on Monday at 12.00 UTC.

The object of the tournament is simple. Whoever places the most qualifying bets on the chosen game during the tournament wins. A qualifying bet is any wager of €0.50 or more. Remember, it’s not about how much you bet, but how many bets you make. Every qualifying bet earns 1 point. At the end of each week, the top 75 players will share in the 4,000 Free Spins prize pool, as follows.

Place Prize Place Prize
1st 250 FS 19th-29th 60 FS
2nd 200 FS 30th-39th 50 FS
3rd 175 FS 40th-50th 40 FS
4th 150 FS 51st-55th 30 FS
5th 125 FS 56th-60th 25 FS
6th 100 FS 61st-65th 20 FS
7th-8th 90 FS 66th-70th 15 FS
9th-10th 80 FS 71st-75th 10 FS
11th-18th 70 FS

The Table Battle

Playamo Casino Drops & Wins Tournament

The Table Battle is Playamo’s one and only table games tournament. It applies to live dealer table games only – bets on slots or RNG tables won’t count. This tournament runs every week, awarding the top 25 finishers with a shared prize of €1,000. The 1st place winner receives €300.

To participate, all you have to do is place wagers on any table games with live dealers during the week, beginning Monday at 12.00 UTC. There’s no need to opt in. Every who makes at least one qualifying bet is automatically entered. Every €1.00 wagered earns 1 point in the tournament. At the end of the week, the top 25 points earned share the €1k prize pool, like so.

Place Prize Place Prize
1st €300 7th €30
2nd €150 8th €25
3rd €100 9th-11th €20
4th €75 12th-15th €15
5th €60 16th-25th €10
6th €40

Drops & Wins

Playamo Bitcoin Casino Drops & wins Tournament

The name Drops & wins refers to how players can enjoy their share of the online casino’s most lucrative tournament. From February 11 to November 17, 2021, the casino is giving away €2,500,000 in cash prizes. They come by way of €31,500 in weekly prize “Drops”, plus €31,000 in weekly tournament “Wins”.

Drops: Prize drops can happen at random on any qualifying spin (€0.50+), on any eligible slot machine; (see Playamo’s Touranment page for this week’s eligible slot machines). 100 drops will occur each day, awarding random prizes worth a total of €4,500, in the following quantities:

  • 1 – €1000
  • 2 – €500
  • 5 – €100
  • 12 – €50
  • 60 – €20
  • 20 – €10

Wins: This side of the event will pay out €31,000 weekly to a staggering 550 participants, with the winner collecting €5,000. Each week’s winners are based entirely on who wins the highest amount of money in a single spin (min €0.50) on any eligible slot machine. See complete rules for additional info. Prizes are paid as follows:

Place Prize Place Prize
1st €5,000 11th-20th €200
2nd €3,000 21st-50th €100
3rd €2,000 51st-150th €50
4th-5th €1,000 151st-400th €20
6th-10th €500 401st-500th €10

Playamo Lottery

This is a Playamo-exclusive raffle drawing, open to all depositing members of the Bitcoin casino. A new lottery starts every 5 days. For every €10 deposited in those 5 days, the player earns 1 lottery ticket. Entries are unlimited. When the clock counts down to zero, 165 winning tickets are drawn, awarding 100 Free Spins to each of the first 25 winners, and 25 Free Spins to the next 140 winners.

BNG Birthday

Playamo Bitcoin Casino Tournaments BNG Birthday

The operator is celebrating the birthday of one of its beloved digital slots developers, Booongo (BNG) by hosting special Playamo Bitcoin Casino tournaments during the month of May. To qualify, you’ll need to place minimum bets of €1.00, and a minimum of 50 spins, on any of the qualifying BNG online slots. They include:

  • 3 Coins
  • 15 Dragon Pearls
  • Aztec Sun
  • Book of Sun Choice
  • Dragon Pearls
  • Great Panda
  • Magic apple
  • Magic Ball
  • Scarab Temple
  • Sun of Egypt
  • Sun of Egypt 2
  • Super Rich God Lord Fortune
  • Tiger Stone
  • Wolf Saga

There are six regular tournaments held weekly, each paying €5,000 in its pool (€30,000 weekly), plus a weekly series leader board competition worth €10,000. The winner of each tournament is determined by the player with the “Highest Single Round Multiplier” (HSRM); that is, the player with the highest win-to-bet ratio. For example, a bet of €2 that wins €42 in a single spin has an HSRM of 42-to-2, which reduced to 21-to1; a total of 21 points.

Prizes are paid per tournament, and per leaderboard, as follows:

Individual Tournament Payout Schedule – €5k Prize Pool
Place Prize Place Prize
1st €500 11th-20th €30
2nd €300 21st-100th €25
3rd €250 101st-150th €15
4th-5th €75 151st-200th €10
6th-10th €50
Leaderboard Tournament Schedule – €10k Prize Pool
Place Prize Place Prize
1st €1,000 11th-30th €75
2nd €800 31st-50th €50
3rd €700 51st-100th €25
4th-5th €500 101st-150th €15
6th-10th €200


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