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Big Spenders, Big Rewards w/ AmEx Gold Online Casinos

AmEx Gold Real Money Casinos and Loyalty Rewards for High Rollers

AmEx Gold Real Money Casinos and Loyalty RewardsPlaying at online casinos can be a rewarding experience in and of itself. No matter what size bankroll you carry, the entertainment value alone can be fantastic; much like a night on the town, going to the movies, or a nightclub. Having the chance to win something back? That’s the exceptional part, elevating the thrill of spinning the virtual slot reels, or doubling up at the digital blackjack tables.

For some Canadian players, the rewards can go well beyond enjoyment. High rollers are often treated to special perks benefits. If you happen to carry an AmEx Gold card in your wallet, you may be one of the online casino industry’s big spenders. And if that’s the case, you should be aware of all the perks and opportunities that come with a high rolling lifestyle.

AmEx Gold Real Money Casinos

Amex Gold Online CasinosAs far as credit cards go, American Express is one of the lesser accepted brands. While 98% of Canada’s iGaming sites welcome Visa and MasterCard deposits, the AmEx logo only appears on about 3% of them. Of course, if you’re affluent and business savvy enough to qualify for AmEx Gold in the first place, you’re probably used to hurdling such pesky obstacles. Perseverance is the name of the game, and with a bit of due diligence, such limitations are easy to overcome.

The key here is research. Investors and executive types know all too well the value of assessing a product. Exploring AmEx Gold online casinos is no different. You have to find one that meets the basic criteria of accepting AmEx Gold deposits and Canadian players. Then narrow down your search by reputable licensure, accredited software and secure payment processing.

Then, and only then, are you ready to filter your results by loyalty rewards.

Combining AmEx Gold & Online Casino Rewards

As you surely know, the American Express Gold Rewards Card comes with a lot of advantages. You earn points for all purchases, which add up to free credit for future purchases. AmEx Gold is especially popular among business types for its fixed-points travel program, and if you charge at least CA $1,500 to the card within the first three months, you get a heaping helping of 25,000 Rewards Member points to get you started. Plus there’s other benefits, like free hotel amenity credits, free room upgrades and travel insurance.

Online casino loyalty programs work in much the same way. Every new player gets a generous welcome bonus on the first deposit, but few take full advantage. If there’s a 100% up to $1000 bonus on the first purchase, the majority will only get a couple hundred out of it, at most. As a high roller, you can claim the full $1,000 with ease, while indicating to the casino that you’re not the average, recreational gamer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Casino Loyalty Programs for High Rollers

Not all casino rewards programs are the same, but they all present their programs in tiers, or levels. They might range from Bronze or Silver for new and casual gamers, up to Platinum or Diamond for their high rolling VIPs. As a top-tier player, you could be privy to all kinds of perks, the least of which will be accelerated comp point earnings. Those comp points are just like the members points you get with AmEx, converting to cold hard cash.

Reaching a new status tier takes a lot of wagering. Once you reach that point, it should be a lot easier to maintain. For example, Royal Vegas Casino requires a player to accumulate 75,000 points in a single month to reach Diamond VIP. That’s a lot of slots spins! However, by reaching that level, the player automatically receives a monthly loyalty bonus of 50,000 points. So, from there, it only takes 25,000 points per month to sustain Diamond status. They also have access to weekly promotional offers, 15% faster point generation, expedited withdrawal processing, and best of all, a personal account manager.

Taking it to the Next Level

One-on-one account representation raises the bar to a whole new level. As a big spender, it gives you leverage to negotiate better deals and promotions. An online casino might wave an exclusive 50% up to $2,500 bonus at a top-tier VIP, but is that good enough? Maybe you want a higher percentage match, or a larger max bonus. Contacting a live chat support rep will get you nowhere. A personal account manager, on the other hand, has the authority to approve it.

To recap, be smart in your casino selection. Be savvy in your dealings. You are their most equitable niche clientele. Play your cards right, and they will bend over backwards for you. Never settle for anything less than what the best AmEx Gold real money casinos have to offer.

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