24 Oct

3 Unique Casino Games to try when Blackjack gets Boring

Three Unique Casino Card Games You’ve Probably Never Played Before

Unique Casino Card GamesMost online casino gamblers never bother to try out the full variety of games; especially table and card games. We tend to stick to what we know. Many players only enjoy slot machines, which provide an unparalleled level of entertainment without any need for deep-rooted strategies. Others may play blackjack exclusively, as it’s among the lowest house edge games with the proper strategy applied.

There’s nothing wrong with this means of game selection. However, after a while, it does tend to get monotonous; particularly for those who only play card games like blackjack or baccarat. If you feel yourself falling into such a rut, having played these more popular games until your eyes bled, I’ve got a suggestion.

Try These Unique Casino Card Games

There are three unique casino games you’ve probably never tried before, and they can definitely help break up the monotony. They include:

Casino War

Casino War Card GameRemember the classic game of War we played as kids? If so, this is the same game, but with money at risk. If not, here’s a brief run-down of the rules.

After placing a bet, the player and dealer each receive one card. The higher card wins, with players receiving even money payouts. Aces are the highest, 2’s lowest. It’s the same simple rules you remember from your childhood.

In the case of a tie, players can elect to “go to war” by placing a second bet. If they do, the dealer will burn three cards, then deal another card to the player and himself. Again, the highest card wins. Of course, the casino has to have an edge somewhere.

To gain that edge, the rules state that if the player wins the War, the original bet is a push, and only the second bet is paid even money. When the dealer wins the “war”, the player loses both bets.

You can ensure the you get the maximum return percentage by employing The Right Casino War Strategy.

Red Dog Poker

Casino Card Games Red Dog PokerIf you ever played Acey-Deucey as a kid, you should be familiar with how this game works. Players make an Ante bet, then are dealt two cards face up. The lower card is placed on the left, and the higher card on the right. Players can then Call (stay with the Ante) or Raise (place another bet equal to Ante).

The object is to receive a third card with a numerical value that falls between the first two cards. For example, if the first two are 3 and J, anything from 4 to 10 will win. If the third card falls outside those parameters (2, Q, K, A), the hand loses.

When there is no spread between the first two cards (i.e. 4-5, it’s an automatic push, and the Ante is returned. If the first two cards Pair, the third card will be dealt. If it results in a 3 of a Kind, it pays 11:1; otherwise, it’s a push.

The higher the spread between the first two cards, the higher the payout will be for a win, as defined in the pay table below.

5 to 1
4 to 1
2 to 1
4 thru 11
1 to 1
Consecutive / Pair
Three of a Kind
11 to 1

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker

Unique Casino Card Games Ultimate HoldemUltimate Hold’em (aka Ultimate Texas Hold’em) is a house-banked variant of the popular player-vs-player poker game, Texas Hold’em. In this version, players aren’t competing against other players; just the dealer. Play starts with two equal bets; the Ante and the Blind. The player and dealer each receive two hole cards (dealer’s face down). Players can now Check (no bet), Play (bet 3x or 4x the Ante), or Fold (lose all active bets). Three community cards are played face-up. Community Cards are used by both players (combined with their own hole cards) to form a complete hand. Again, the player can Check, Play (bet 2x the Ante), or Fold.

The last two community cards are placed face up. Once more, the player will Check or Play (bet equal to Ante). There’s no point in folding now!

The player’s and dealer’s hands turn face up. The highest 5-card poker hand from each is displayed, and the higher-ranking hand wins.

The dealer will need at least a pair to qualify. The following chart describes this unique casino card game’s paytable.

Win, Lose or Qualify

Dealer’s HandPlayer’s HandPay Table
Dealer QualifiesPlayer winsAll bets paid 1:1
Dealer QualifiesPlayer tiesAll bets push
Dealer QualifiesPlayer losesAll bets lost
Dealer doesn’t QualifyPlayer winsAnte pushes, others pay 1:1
Dealer doesn’t QualifyPlayer tiesAll bets push
Dealer doesn’t QualifyPlayer losesAnte pushes, others bets lost

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