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Vanilla Prepaid Gift Card Casino Deposits In Review 2023

Vanilla Gift Card Casinos for Canadians – One Flavor to Serve Them All

Vanilla Gift Card Casinos - One Flavor to Serve Them AllVanilla isn’t just the most popular flavor of ice cream. It’s also the most common prepaid gift card in North America. Such an honour is largely due to its convenience and virtually universal rate of acceptance. These cards offer the same versatility as a debit card, without the need for a bank account. Buy it. Use it online or in-store. Once the funds are depleted, throw it away.

With so many safety and security concerns with online purchases these days, gift cards aren’t just for gifting anymore. The Vanilla Gift Card is bought just as often for personal use. That is, in fact, its most prominent advantage. Anyone can buy it, and anyone can use it.

Today, we’ll be discussing one very common usage, especially here in Canada – online casino deposits. We provide a very comprehensive review of the Vanilla Gift Card and its features. If you know what information you’re looking for, use the table of contents below to get there quickly.

Table of Contents

  • Just the FAQs – A series of common questions and answers.
  • Pros – All the best features of Vanilla.
  • Cons – The negative stuff you need to know.
  • ComparisonVanilla Prepaid vs. Traditional Credit & Debit Cards
  • Access – Where to get a Vanilla gift card or virtual voucher in Canada
  • Fees – Cost of buying and maintaining a Vanilla prepaid gift card.
  • Casino Deposits – How to deposit at online casinos with Vanilla
  • Casino Withdrawals – Can I withdraw casino winnings with Vanilla?

Vanilla Gift Card Casinos – Just the FAQs

I’ll kick things off with a quick FAQ section that covers a lot of common inquiries, as well as any pros and cons associated with Vanilla prepaid gift card casino deposits.

Where can I buy Vanilla Gift Cards in Canada?

You can buy a Vanilla Visa, Vanilla MasterCard, or Vanilla AmEx gift card at most retail locations. Grocery stores, department stores, convenience marts, gas stations – pretty much anywhere, so long as you buy it in person. Unfortunately, Vanilla eGift Cards aren’t a thing here in Canada. You can only get them in-store, as a physical card.

Who issues Vanilla Prepaid Gift Cards?

The issuer depends largely on the card’s brand logo and where you buy it. In Canada, the majority of cards are issued by Peoples Trust Company of Vancouver, which operates under a license from both Mastercard International and Visa International Service Association. On a global scale, Vanilla Visa Gift Cards may be issued by MetaBank, N.A., Sutton Bank, or TBBK Card Services, Inc. Vanilla MasterCard Gift Cards may be issued by The Bancorp Bank, MetaBank, N.A., or Sutton Bank. You’ll find the name of the issuing bank on the back of the card.

What online casinos accept Vanilla?

The vast majority of online casinos accept Vanilla gift cards. This includes both domestic gambling sites (i.e. PlayNow, EspaceJeux, or any operator licensed in Ontario), and international gambling sites.

If you’re planning to use the card with an offshore operator, (i.e. Royal Vegas, Jackpot City, etc.), be sure the card qualifies for international use. You’ll find this information on the back of the card. If you see the words “Valid only in Canada”, you cannot use the card at international casinos.

To be certain you’re online casino accepts Vanilla, look in the cashier for deposit options that read Prepaid, Gift Card, Vanilla Visa, or Vanilla MasterCard. If you’re not sure, contact customer support to verify.

Are Vanilla Gift Cards safe?

Yes. Gift cards use the same security measures as debit and credit cards. If the card details are stolen, the user’s personal and financial information is still safe, since they are not linked to the card in any way. Plus, being prepaid, the amount of money that can be stolen is limited to the funds pre-loaded on the card.

If you’re concerned about your gift card information being stolen and used by someone else, only purchase cards in the exact amount you want to deposit. This way, once you’ve used the card, there’s nothing left on it to steal. You can just throw it away.

Can I reload funds on a Vanilla Gift Card?

No. Vanilla’s gift cards are not reloadable. Vanilla does issue a product line that offers reload options, such as MyVanilla and Vanilla Prepaid Debit, but Vanilla Gift Cards are not among them.

What denominations are available, and how much do they cost?

The available denominations will depend largely on the retailer you’re purchasing from. The cost of the card will be printed on the packaging, and is determined by the value of the card. The price will range from $3.95 for a $25 card, up to $7.50 for a $250 card. Buying eGift cards online is a bit cheaper, scaling from $2.95 for $10-$75 cards, up to $5.95 for a $500 card. See the complete Vanilla Price Chart below for more information.

Do I have to activate the card?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the method of purchase. If you buy the card in a retail location, it should be activated upon purchase. If not, follow the instructions on the card to activate it. When activation is necessary, you may be asked to choose a PIN. For security, choose something you’ll remember, but that is not easy or others to guess.

Can I see how much is left on my card?

Yes. Visit the website or call the number listed on the back of the card anytime. For Vanilla Visa holders, use this link to check your balance.

Can my card expire?

Gift cards do have an expiration date; a common requisite for using them online. However, the funds will never expire. If your card’s expiration date passes before you deplete its funds, you can request a new card with the remaining balance, or receive a cheque in the mail. See the back of the card for information on how to contact the issuer for a replacement card or reimbursement.

PROs – The Good Stuff
No bank account required
Can be purchased at thousands of retail locations
Accepted at most online casinos
Comes with Visa, MasterCard or AmEx branding
Use In-Store or Online, anywhere Visa / MasterCard is accepted.
Cannot overdraw from prepaid balance
No interest on purchases
Available in many denominations of ($25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250)
No personal information is linked to the payment method
Funds never expire (free card replacement after expiry date)
CONs – The Bad Stuff
One time use, not reloadable
Not a viable withdrawal option
Cost $3.95-$7.50 to purchase
Cannot be bought online in Canada
Foreign currency conversion fee of 2.5% ($2.50 per $100)


Vanilla Prepaid vs Credit / Debit Cards

Prepaid cards are like credit and debit cards in a variety of ways, but they have their unique qualities, too. You’ll use a Vanilla gift card the same way you would any other card. It has a 16-digit card number, expiration date, and security code, input just like its bank-issued cousins. For online use, you’ll enter these details in the same manner, or swipe it at retail locations.

What a Vanilla card doesn’t have is the user’s name, address, or banking details attached to it. These cards are not reloadable. You buy them, use them, and throw them away. There’s no option to buy on credit; no overdraft fees; no potential to spend more than you can afford. Their value is limited to an amount of your choosing at the time of purchase.

Furthermore, prepaid cards are private. When you fund your online casino account with a credit or debit card, it leaves a very distinct trail. The financial world knows exactly how much money you’re investing in digital betting. Prepaid cards keep this information private. Sure, the company that created and sold you the card knows where that money is going. But if you buy the card with cash, the trail ends there.


Where and How to Buy Vanilla Cards in Canada

Canadians can purchase a Vanilla Visa or Vanilla MasterCard Prepaid anywhere gift cards are sold, including all of these popular locations:

Where to Buy Vanilla gift Cards in Canada

Unfortunately, Canadians are not able to buy a Vanilla eGift Card online; not through any official website, anyway. If you do find one available from a third-party website, beware that it may be restricted to purchases in the United States only. For security and scam-prevention purposes, we do not recommend purchasing a Vanilla eGift card online.


The Price of Vanilla Gift Cards

Vanilla cards will always have a purchase price attached. Most retailers refer to this as the “activation fee” (see below). Beyond that, you’re unlikely to incur any additional charges. Issuers of Vanilla cards never charge a usage fee. Rarely will merchants charge a fee to use a gift card, either; (although it is possible, so watch for it). For the record, we know of zero [0] online casinos that charge a usage fee.

The only other charge you may encounter is a Foreign Currency Conversion Fee. If you purchase something in a currency other than the currency you bought the card in, you’ll incur a 2.5% foreign currency fee (i.e. $2.50 per $100). To avoid this charge, we recommend depositing at online casinos that permit CAD deposits.

Activation Fee by Brand – Visa, MasterCard, AmEx

The cost of Vanilla depends on a variety of factors, including the retailer, and brand (Visa or MasterCard). The retailer and brand will determine the range of values you can buy. Physical cards will cost more than digital eGift cards. But again, virtual cards aren’t a viable option in Canada. If you do find them for sale online, we advise against it due to the possibility of being scammed or restricted to U.S. purchases.

I’ve put together a Vanilla price chart, current as of March 2023. It details the total cost of Vanilla gift cards by brand, value and activation fee.

Card Value
Purchase Price*
Total Cost*


$60 (3x$20)
American Express Amex

*Prices are taken from actual retail packaging at time of writing, and may vary.


How to Deposit at Vanilla Prepaid Casinos

Depositing with a Vanilla gift card – any prepaid card for that matter – is simple. It is, in fact, the same as depositing with a debit card. All you need to do is enter the detail directly from the card, including the 16-digit card number and expiration date. Once you complete the transaction, the funds are instantly received and credited to your casino account.

Important Note about Vanilla Gift Card Registration

Although privacy is one of the biggest perks for iGamers, some online casinos won’t accept a gift card payment without verification of ownership. If that’s the case, you will need to visit the website on the back of the card and register it. Doing so links the card to your personal identity (name and address). Casinos may require this if the regulatory body (licensure) requires strict identity verification for KYC/AML purposes.

Once a user registers their card, it will automatically work for online casino deposits. When making a payment, the registration info on the card is compared to the user’s casino membership. If the name and address match, the payment is accepted. Verification takes place digitally, securely, and instantly.

Vanilla Casino Deposits – Step by Step
  1. Log in to the online casino and navigate to the Banking section.
  2. Choose Prepaid Card or Gift Card from the list of deposit options.
  3. Follow the directions, entering the card’s details in the corresponding input boxes.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and press the button.

Assuming you’ve followed the directions properly, and entered an amount available on the prepaid card, your payment should post immediately.


If you’re experiencing problems, try one of these solutions…

  • Is there enough money on the card to cover the deposit amount? Call the phone number or visit the website listed on the back of the card to check the balance.
  • Are you depositing in a foreign currency, or a currency different from that in which you bought the card in? Vanilla users incur a 2.5% foreign currency conversion fee. If you attempt to deposit $100 with a CA$100 gift card on a website that automatically converts payments to EUR, GBP, or another foreign currency, the total purchase price will be $102.50; more than the amount available on the card. Try depositing less; $97.56 to be precise. [$97.56 + 2.5% = $100.00, whereas depositing $97.50 will equal $99.94, leaving $0.06 on your card.]
  • Is the card eligible for international use, or can it only be used in Canada? If you’re attempting to deposit at an international casino, make sure the card does not specifically state “For use in Canada only“, or “Valid only in Canada“. If it does, you cannot use it at international casino sites.
  • Does the casino require ownership verification for prepaid gift cards? If so, you’ll need to visit the website listed on the back of the card and register it with your name and address. The name/address you associate with the card must be the same as the name/address on the casino account.


Vanilla Casino Cashouts – How Do they Work?

Unfortunately, they don’t. Vanilla gift cards are not reloadable, which means no additional cash cannot be loaded onto the card once you’ve bought it. Therefore, you’ll need to choose a different method to withdraw your casino winnings.


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