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Why Practice Play at a Real Money Casino Beats Social Gaming Apps

Why Practice Play at a Real Money Casino Beats Social Gaming AppsReal money online gambling isn’t for everyone. There are countless people who love casino games, but aren’t too keen on the risk factor. The thrill of the roulette wheel; the strategic challenge of blackjack, the joie de vivre of slot machines. There’s no reason we can’t enjoy these exciting games, without actually gambling our hard earned money to do so. But if you’re going to go that route, I would strongly suggest you play for free at real online casinos.

Most people don’t even think to do this. They open their mobile app store, search for blackjack, slots, or casino games in general, and download the first app they find with a high enough star rating. These apps are what we call “social casinos”. They offer the same types of games – often the exact same games, by the same digital software brands – as real money casinos. But the player’s experience is far different.

Why Practice Play at a Real Money Casino Beats Social Gaming Apps

I can think of three very good reasons why you’re better off playing in practice mode at a real money gambling site…

#1 No Ads!

This has got to be the best reason of all. Everything we do on our smartphones and tablets these days, we are bombarded by ads. Some of them we can close after a few seconds. Others we can’t. We’re forced to watch them just to get to the content we really want.

I can understand why commercial advertising is important in society, but seriously, some of these apps go insane with their ad content. Social casinos easily fall into that group. They didn’t use to be that way, but now – ugh!

It used to be that the games were easy to win. Well, not easy, but not impossible either. They set the RTPs high enough that players could enjoy winning. And when the chips run dry, players could watch an ad to get another big pile and play on. Then, the apps started making so much money off of ads, they got stingy. The games became harder to win, and they got stingy with credits. You want more? You have to watch more ads, and connect your social media accounts, which brings me to my next point…

#2 No Data Collection from Social Media Accounts

Real online casinos never ask you to connect your social media account, because they aren’t in the business of selling your information. Furthermore, they rely on customer satisfaction and word of mouth to gain loyal players and acquire new ones. While they certainly wouldn’t mind you raving about their business on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, they don’t give bonuses out for it.

Real casino sites – the good ones, anyway – are strictly regulated by government authorities that require them to protect players and their personal information. If and when you sign up an real account, you can rest assured your information is safe. And if you’re just playing for free, you won’t have to divulge as much info anyway.

#3 Never Run Out of Chips!

When you choose practice play at a real money casino, you’re choosing to play the exact same games, with the exact same returns, and the exact same player experience, as those who play for actual money. The only difference is that you’re not risking anything, and cannot win anything of value in the process. It’s all for fun.

Sounds like a social casino right? Except that these real operators will keep giving you free chips to play with. Every time you run out of chips, you can simply press a button to get more. The excitement never ends.

Why would they be so generous, asking nothing in return (likes watching ads or connecting social media)? Two reasons – 1) they make money from their real gambling accounts, and don’t need ad revenue; and 2) they hope that their practice-mode players will one day upgrade to depositing players. Whether you do or not, you can forever reap the benefits of real casino free play.

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