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Get to Know the RNG Online Casino Experience

An Informative Beginner’s Guide to Online Casino RNG Gaming.

Get to Know Online Casino RNG Gaming – An Info Text for New PlayersThe world wide web is teeming with informational text – tens of thousands of webpages – all touting the benefits of gambling at online casinos. In the last ten years or so, more and more of these pages have been dedicated to the installment of “live casino” game play; the same live dealer casinos that have been replacing the traditional, computerized variety of games for over a decade. Today, we’re getting back to basics as we redefine the RNG online casino experience.

RNG-style games were the first to come to market over twenty years ago, prior to the turn of the millennium. To date, they continue to draw more online player interest than any other style of digitize gambling. We’ll take a closer look at what the term RNG means, how it impacts the iGaming experience, and why players tend to have a love/hate relationship with these types of games.

Online Casino RNG – The Random Number Generator

The abbreviation RNG stands for “Random Number Generator”. An RNG is a simple computer program that takes a long algorithm (i.e. a very, very long series of numbers) and rotates them like the numbers on a flip clock. They rotate at a crazy-fast rate of speed, far quicker than the human eye could logically comprehend. Then, the moment a specific action takes place, such as pressing the Spin button on a slot machine, the algorithm comes to a halt. The number that the algorithm stops on determines what happens next.

Slot machines are perhaps the easiest example for describing how RNG casino games work, so we’ll start there.

RNGs in Slot Machines

RNG Online Casino - Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Slot Atlantean TreasuresLet’s say a machine has a 5×3 grid of symbols on its reels. That’s 15 positions that must be filled with symbols each time the game is played. Maybe the RNG’s algorithm is 45 digits long. (I told you they represent a very, very long series of numbers!)

45 numbers divided by 15 positions would allocate 3 numbers to each position. So let’s imagine the first three numbers in the RNG algorithm relate to the first position on the reels. The result of those first three numbers will determine what symbol appears in that position.

The next three numbers in the sequence would reference the symbol appearing in the second position, and so on, until all spots are filled with a symbol. If those symbols happen to line up in a winning combination, the player wins the corresponding prize. If not, the player loses the bet.

This is not an exact representation of how the RNG works in every online slot machine, but it should give you a clear idea of how an RNG algorithm impacts each and every spin.

All Computerized Casino Games Use RNGs

RNG ShufflerRNG algorithms are applied to all online casino games where the results are computer generated. In blackjack and other card-based games, RNG shuffling determines the order of card in the deck. In roulette and other wheel games, the RNG decides where the wheel will stop.

Because the algorithm is constantly changing, and does not stop until the player taps whatever button sets the game in motion, there is no way to predict the outcome of any game before it happens. The casinos don’t know. The software’s creators don’t even know. Mathematical probabilities might be able to suggest a probable outcome, but as always with gambling, there are never any guarantees.

Love/Hate Relationship with RNG Online Casinos

Some people love these games. Other people hate them. Those who love them appreciate their speed, convenience, the ability to play anywhere, anytime, with no outside interference. Those who don’t like them tend to distrust their computer-generated nature. They reckon a computerized game can easily be rigged by the software’s programmer.

While that’s true, the online casino industry is very strictly regulated. Responsible gaming authorities require any and all software suppliers to be RNG certified for fairness before receiving a license. Moreover the RNG software must be audited and re-certified on a regular basis to sustain its license. That being said, it’s perfectly safe to partake in online casino RNG gaming, so long as you only do business with reputable operators, licensed in responsible jurisdictions.

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