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Play Online Baccarat on the Casino’s Dime

Can I play baccarat for real money with an online casino bonus?
Can I Play Baccarat for Real Money with an Online Casino Bonus?
Most casino enthusiasts have a favorite game. Slot machines are popular, as are video poker games and blackjack. Roulette and craps aren’t uncommon choices either. For some players, baccarat is the king in their casino. If you’re among the world’s baccarat aficionados, you may have noticed that baccarat bonuses aren’t found on flashing promotional banners.

Being outside the top-three casino games in terms of popularity, no one really advertises a baccarat bonus. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They aren’t all that common, and they are never promotionally targeted towards baccarat players, but yes – they most certainly do exist, if you know what to look for

Play Baccarat for Real Money with a Bonus

The trick to finding an eligible baccarat casino bonus is to do something no one ever wants to do – read the fine print. In the same token, no online casino bonus should ever be claimed without reading the fine print. So, if you found yourself groaning at that statement, hike up your jeans and tighten your belt, Bucko, because you’re about to get a tough lesson in iGaming education.

Online casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. They can have a wide range of stipulations attached. You need to understand things like wagering requirements (WR), game eligibility, cashable winnings, expiration dates, and more. Let’s start with the basics…

Identifying a Casino Bonus for Baccarat

Find any casino with a bonus promotion and click on the link for Bonus Terms. Now search the page (i.e. press Ctrl+F in Windows) for the word “baccarat”. This word will lead you directly to a yes or no answer as to whether you can play baccarat on the casino’s dime. It will either say that baccarat is not eligible, or it will be listed among the eligible games, proceeded by its contribution rate.

The contribution rate will be displayed as a percentage. For example, slot machines always count 100% towards WR contribution. Baccarat, if eligible, will probably only count 10% toward WR.

If you don’t find the word “baccarat” anywhere on the bonus terms page, don’t give up immediately. Some operators list eligible games categorically, rather than specifically. For instance, LeoVegas’s terms read “Table Games – 10%”. Knowing that baccarat is a table game, we can safely assume this means baccarat counts 10%.

Explicating Deposit Bonus Terms

A deposit bonus is one that awards the player with a specific amount of bonus credits for making a deposit. Most of them are percentage-based matches, such as 100% up to $100, wherein a $100 deposit would beget the max $100 bonus. If baccarat counts 10% towards the clearing of this bonus, you need to know what the WR is first.

Again, search the page for the term “wagering requirement”, “wager requirement”, or simply “WR”. A typical WR would be 40x the deposit + bonus. So, let’s do some simple calculation At 40x WR, a $10 deposit + $100 bonus would require:

(100 + 100) x 40 = 8,000

That’s $8,000 in WR. But, if baccarat only counts 10% towards WR, you have to multiply 8,000 by 10 for a total of $80,000 in wagers. That’s a lot of baccarat wagers! But, that’s not uncommon when prefer choose a game with a low house edge.

What About a No-Deposit Baccarat Bonus?

No-deposit bonuses have historically been restricted to play on slot machines only. I say historically because, unfortunately, no deposit bonuses hardly even exist anymore. I haven;’t seen one in the last few years, and if you do find one, there’s a good chance that it will never become washable, no matter how much you wager, or how much profit you accumulate.

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