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Everi and SG Ink iGaming Distribution Deal

Online Casino CA News: Scientific Games is bringing Everi Interactive online slots to Canada and beyond.

Online Casino CA News: SG Digital bringing Everi Interactive Games to Canada

One of the primary reasons so many Canadians do their iGaming business overseas is because there are so many more gambling opportunities at internationally regulated websites. Here in Canada, we have just one home-grown online casino per province, and even then, they’re only available to players in four provinces – BC, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The other 9 provinces and territories do not even provide their residents with an online casino.

For those provinces where iGaming has emerged, the quest has long been to attract players to the locally regulated operations, and deter them from betting with offshore sites. It’s not been an easy task when the grass is so much greener on the other side of the fence, but one of their major iGaming partners, Scientific Games, is lending a helping hand these days by increasing the range of content in its portfolio.

Online Casino CA Content Grows with SG + Everi Deal

Everi and SG Ink iGaming Distribution Deal

Last month, Scientific Games announced it had secured a new partner in a long-term content distribution deal. Members of Canada’s internet casino operations will have access to the complete online casino games portfolio of Everi Interactive, via the SG Digital Open Gaming platform. Other markets where SG is licensed and regulated will also have access to Everi’s iGaming content. These include multiple jurisdictions in Europe as well as the US states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

With Scientific Games and Everi Interactive both being headquartered in the US – both in Las Vegas, Nevada, in fact – it makes sense that the US market will be the first served by the union of these two companies. American online casinos employing the SG Open Gaming platform will have their games menus updated with Everi content before 2019 is out. SG’s Canadian and Europe internet casino partners won’t receive the additional content until sometime in 2020.

Everi Interactive Online Casino Games

In the coming months, Canadians can look forward to a small assortment of new online slot machines at their local iGaming websites. The Everi portfolio currently offers a few dozen games, including a few branded titles like Penn & Teller, The Mask, Willie Nelson, South Park, and Discovery’s Shark Week.

The size of Everi’s portfolio has grown immensely in recent months. At the start of the year, the company made a commitment to deliver “more than 50 titles on our RGS by 2019 year-end”. The company exceeded that goal in an impressive fashion; surely one of the features that attracted Scientific Games to the brand in the first place.

SG Digital Senior Vice President Dylan Slaney said as much in a company press release announcing the deal.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Everi and bring their games to these iGaming markets,” said Slaney. “We look forward to using our reliable and dynamic platform to support third party content. Our OGS platform has proven successful in launching iGaming content, and we look forward to continuing this success as we bring Everi’s engaging content to new markets.”

David Lucchese, Executive Vice President at Everi Holdings, was equally enthused with the new partnership.

“iGaming continues to grow by the day, and we’re always looking for new ways to reach our players with our extensive content portfolio that includes high-performing video titles and best-in-class, award-winning mechanical games,” said Lucchese. “Partnering with Scientific Games and using their OGS platform puts our games front and center – making them readily available to the industry’s top operators.”

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