26 Nov

The Keys to Slot Machine Tournament Victory

How to win slots tournaments at online and walk-in casinos.

 How to win slots tournaments

You know in those action suspense movies, when there’s some top-secret technology or alien creature hidden within a maximum security vault? Opening that vault always takes perfect coordination. Two heroes in the story must possess two separate keys, inserting them and turning them in perfect unison in order to open the door and halt the evil villain’s diabolical plan.

Scenes like these have become pretty familiar in Sci-Fi films. Oddly enough, it takes similar synergy and synchronization to win a slot machine tournament. Not synergy between two people, mind you – we’re not coordinating a heist here – but between two extremely important elements; speed and luck.

How to Win Slots Tournaments

The great thing about a tournament is that, for once, you’re not competing against the casino. Yes, there’s still a house edge in place, and you’ll need to get lucky to overcome that edge and rack up enough points to win without depleting your entire bankroll, but making money isn’t the object.

In order to win, you must earn points. Points are earned by spinning out wins. Yes, bigger wins award higher points, but so long as the wins keep coming, the points will continue racking up. A big win can put you on top of the leaderboard, but if your bankroll runs dry, your points are locked in. Anyone who’s still spinning can overtake your lead. In this way, small and steady wins really are more valuable than a few big wins here and there.

It’s not about the number of points you have, but your position on the leaderboard. If the 1st place prize is $10,000, it doesn’t matter if you win with 50,000 points or 50,000,000 points. The prize is the same. Therefore your only competition is the other players in the event. So, to beat these players, you don’t need to beat the house. You just need to be faster and luckier than they are.

Speed + Luck = Winner!

These are the two elements that you must possess in high quantity to win a slot machine tournament. Speed alone will not get the job done, nor will luck. Only the combination of these elements – these two keys turning in perfect unison – will unlock the treasures within the hyperbolic vault of slot tourney mystery.

You can smash that spin button faster than Stephen King pounded out the first Dark Tower novel on an Underwood, but it’s not going to do you a lick of good if luck doesn’t play its part. Likewise, you could win on every single spin, but if you take the time to view the symbols and payouts per winning line, you’ll never rack up enough points to make the leaderboard, much less win the tournament.

It is the perfect combination of speed and luck that’s going to win this race. My first suggestion would be to practice. Take the time to understand how slot machines work – specifically the slot machines that are going to be in an upcoming tournament – and study the best way to play them.

If it’s a multi-line game, you need to activate all lines to have the highest odds of winning. Fixed-line games only let you change the full bet size, not the per-line coin size, making them a bit easier to adjust. In both types, however, max bets can dwindle your bankroll too quickly. Bet too little, and some games will decrease their RTP.

To win slots tournaments, you must get to know the game. Examine its rules in full, including any fine print. Get in some practice time, and see how quickly you can keep the reels going at the most profitable rate.

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