17 Oct

Mazooma’s Xpress eCheck Select Deposits for iGamers

eCheck Select Xpress: What is it, and do online gamblers need it?

eCheck Select Xpress: What is it, and do online gamblers need it?

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is finally underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everyone who’s anyone in the live, online and mobile gambling industry is in attendance. More than 450 exhibitors are peddling everything from the latest slot machine designs to crowd-stunning new technologies. It is the North American event of the year, hosting an estimated 25,000 guests.

Suffice it to say, if you have a new product you’d like to put on the market, there’s no better place to host an official launch. That’s exactly what the executive team at Mazooma thought when they scheduled the debut of Xpress-branded eCheck Select deposits.

eCheck Select Xpress from Mazooma

Founded in 2007, Mazooma has spent the last decade offering certified player verification services for payment processors. When an online bank transaction was queued, Mazooma’s patented technology went to work, verifying the customer’s identity and sufficiency of funds.

More recently, the company launched its own payment processing software. They called it eCheck Select (eCS); a payment system capable of performing all the necessary verification and fund facilitation tasks in one clean sweep. Following its 2016 release, the product was found to be so proficient, it was soon integrated at every single online gambling operation in the U.S. market.

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Mazooma played its trump card at G2E, debuting the next generation of eCheck Select – a faster, safer, even more efficient version we like to call eCS Xpress.

How Standard & Xpress eCheck Select Deposits Work

Normally, eCheck Select deposits require the user to input bank information to complete an ACH fund transfer. All of the necessary information can be found on a paper check, including the bank name, account and routing numbers, etc. An eCheck payment is extremely quick, aside from the part where the user enters all this info.

The new Xpress version is the fastest of all, enabling users to securely save their information for future use. Once a traditional eCheck Xpress payment has been successfully made, users have access to the one-click Xpress method, speeding up the online payment process forever more.

Do Online Gamblers Need eCheck Xpress Deposits?

I wouldn’t say anyone really needs a specific deposit type, since there are so many available payment methods on the market today. However, those with access to it should be able to appreciate the heightened security protocol this new technology provides – at least, in theory. It’s brand new to the market, after all.

The real question is whether you can use it. To date, Mazooma only provides its iGaming payment services to the U.S. market. Players in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the rest of the world have no access to it. Odds are, they won’t gain access anytime soon, either.

Mazooma operates in ACH (automated clearing house) transfers. ACH is an electronic banking method utilized only by U.S. financial institutions. Here in Canada, payments are debited via a EFT (electronic fund transfer). Though similar, ACH and EFT are not the same thing.

For U.S. iGamers, though, Mazooma’s new eCheck Select Xpress is a guaranteed success right out of the box. The original product is already integrated into all American online gambling operations; every state-licensed online casino, poker site, and the rapidly growing number of internet sports books.

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