21 Aug

Dragons Lucky 8 Slot & Break Time for Wazdan?

Wazdan stuffs all the popular online slots themes into one game for the release of Dragons Lucky 8.

Wazdan stuffs all the Popular Online Slots Themes into new Dragons Lucky 8 Slot

When the creative engineering team at any slot machine manufacturing studio gets together to brainstorm ideas for their next project, perusing a list of tried-and-true themes is always part of the process. Every company wants its next thing to be the next “big” thing. Expanding on something they know their clientele enjoys is a common trick of the trade, and if done well, it can work like a charm.

The creative team at Wazdan may have taken this concept just a bit too far. Their latest production, the Dragons Lucky 8 Slot, launched on Monday, and it’s jam-packed with every symbolic inspiration their designers could think of. It’s a virtual amalgamation of…

All Popular Online Slots Themes Rolled Into One!

Focusing first on fashionable Chinese folklore, Wazdan infused the aspects for which the game is named – the legendary serpentine dragon, and the customary lucky number 8. The graphics are caked in red and gold – the bold colors of fortune throughout the Orient.

The cherry on top… instead of filling the reels with other items pertaining to Chinese culture, Wazdan’s designers turned it into the most famous slot machine type of all – a fruit machine. The game’s standard symbols are all delectable fruits; pineapples, oranges, grapes, cantaloupes, peaches and apples.

Wazdan Infuses All Popular Online Slots Themes into Dragons Lucky 8

I will commend them for their integration of exquisite, HD-quality graphics! It’s a beautiful game, don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t make sense. I can’t get on board with the mixture of unrelated themes. They didn’t even use the types of fruits that are most common in China, instead targeting the western hemisphere with the same types of produce found in typical fruit machines.

I suppose they did get more exotic by replacing lemons and watermelons with pineapple and cantaloupe, but I honestly think it’s time Wazdan’s crew take a step back, go on a nice long holiday, breathe in some fresh air and get back to creating the fantastically themed games they are so well known for – games like Bell Wizard, Larry the Leprechaun and Double Tigers.

Dragons Lucky 8 Slot Review

Now that I’ve gotten my rant out of the way, let’s take a look at what Dragons Lucky 8 has to offer, beyond the theme. As every genuine slots enthusiast knows, it’s what’s under the covers that counts. Starting with the specifics, Dragon Lucky 8 is a 6 reel, 20 fixed pay line game with a 96.6% RTP and an adjustable variance. Players can choose from low, standard or high volatility by pressing the corresponding button in the bottom right corner.

There are only 6 standard symbols, all being fruits. Additionally, there are 6 special symbols that can appear; wild, scatter, and four variable win multipliers. All the game’s features revolve around these.

Dragon Wilds

The dragon is the wild, substituting for any standard symbols. It has no other special functions.

Tiger Scatters

The golden tiger is the scatter. Players win 15, 20, 25 or 30 free spins respectively when 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatters appear on the reels. Additional free spins can be re-triggered during the free games feature.

Variable Win Multipliers

Dragons Lucky 8 Variable Win Multipliers

These are the most alluring symbols of Dragons Lucky 8. There are four variable win multiplier symbols that can appear, both in the base game and during free spins. They look like Yin/Yang symbols and depict a multiplier amount of x1, x3, x5 or x8. Only one variable win multiplier can appear on the reels per spin, but one is not guaranteed, either.

The four multipliers are shown atop the reels. At the start of the game, the x1 multiplier is active. Once a different win multiplier appears, it lights up on top and remains active for all spins until a different win multiplier appears. All winning combinations are paid at the active win multiplier.

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