3 Jul

2nd Annual CasinoBeats Summit Coming to London

Exploring the future of live streaming casinos.

CasinoBeats Summit 2019: Exploring the Future of Live Streaming Casinos

Last year, CasinoBeats, a recently launched division of SBC Global, made a name for itself by hosting its first industry expo. They called it the CasinoBeats Summit, and to ensure its viability, they held it alongside the already popular Betting On Sports exhibition at Olympia London. Needless to say, it was a smashing success (or I wouldn’t be talking about it a year later, now would I?)

July has rolled back around again, and that means it’s almost time for a repeat. The CasinoBeats Summit 2019 will be held once more alongside SBC’s Betting on Sports (BoS) expo in London from September 17-20. SBC promised the second coming would require “a bigger boat”, and they meant it.

Exploring the Future of Live Streaming Casinos

2nd Annual CasinoBeats Summit Coming to London

This year, 3,500 iGaming delegates are scheduled to attend the conference in London, representing a 30% increase from the inaugural event. Organizers will be welcoming “operators, suppliers and a range of sector visionaries” who will discuss challenges facing the online casino industry, and explore insightful ways to overcome the approaching hurdles.

The CasinoBeats Summit isn’t just a great place to gain market perspicacity. That may seem like the overall goal, but in reality, it’s big expositions like these that give industry insiders – especially up and coming executives – the chance to rub elbows with those in the know. Such networking opportunities aren’t to be missed in an eCommerce sector so competitive as this one.

Goals of CasinoBeats Summit 2019

The summit aims to tackle four major topics this year. They’re bringing in a vast knowledge base of 75 industry experts lined up to host a multitude of panel discussions throughout the 4-day conference. The four major areas of exploration these panels will cover include:

Future of Gaming

An array of “visionaries” from the online casino side of iGaming will discuss industry trends; particularly those best exploited by by leading operators. Other docketed subject matter includes recent developments in slots, table games and live casino, the worthwhile use of data collection in new game developments, how blockchain is influencing the market, and the value of sideline innovation.

Market Forces

Experts will explore what drives today’s market, how these catalysts differ from the market forces of yesteryear, and what to expect in years to come. Putting this puzzle together will help the industry to evolve in an ever-changing world of regulatory shifts and technological advancements.

Responsibility & Sustainability

Local governments are demanding more and more responsibility from operators. As a result, operational expenses are surging, and operators are struggling to achieve sustainability. These sessions will encompass everything from CSR best practices to managing the stresses of regulatory compliance, all while avoiding “executive burn-out”.

Customer Journey & Marketing

Underneath it all, the customer remains the most important factor in a successful online, mobile and live streaming casino experience. The industry has grown so strong, it’s become just as hard to retain existing players as it is to attract new ones. This panel will discuss such challenges; especially relating to the newest gambling-aged adults, known colloquially Generation Y.

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