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Employment a Walk in The Parq Vancouver

Over a dozen hotel, restaurant and casino jobs available now at The Parq Vancouver.

16 Hotel, Restaurant and Casino Jobs Available Now at Parq Vancouver

There are millions of different jobs out there, all waiting for the right person to fill them; everything from fry cook to marine biologist. But the fast food industry is the catalyst of teenage affluence, and you’ll need targeted degrees to break into aquatic sciences.

If your burger-flipping days are behind you and you’ve got a family to raise, why not consider a career in the hospitality industry under the ceiling of a major luxury hotel brand? If you think I’m crazy, think again. The Parq Vancouver has posted 16 job openings in the last month, serving multiple areas of operation.

Parq Casino Jobs Available

Casino Job Openings at Parq Vancouver

In the last four weeks, The Parq has listed four employment opportunities in its casino, ranging from typical to special services departments. They include:

Director of Table Games

Known throughout the industry as a “pit boss”, the director of table games has a lot of responsibilities and requires a minimum of 5 years experience in table games management.

See the full job listing.

Senior Government Relations Specialist

This person is essentially a public relations specialist who lobbies the company’s interests to influential political figureheads. Got what it takes to rub elbows with elected officials?

See the full job listing.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Taking on this role means you’ll be in charge of booking the casino’s performances. Attracting the hottest musical groups, Hollywood comedians and Vegas magicians takes a special grade of charm and charisma.

See the full job listing.

Parq Hotel Jobs Available

Hotel Job Openings at The Parq Vancouver

There are 9 positions in the hotel and guest services department posted in the last month. Their titles are pretty self-explanatory, so have a look and click the linked job titles to learn more.

Hotel Engineer – Maintenance and repair technician

Dishwasher – Part-time

Housekeeper – Cleaning guest rooms

Group Housing Coordinator – Manage guest reservation

Banquet Server – Part-time

Associate Event Manager – Event document preparation and coordination

In-Room Dining Server – Room service delivery

Registered Massage Therapist Part-time

Overnight At Your Service Agent – Telephone-based guest assistance services

Food & Beverage Jobs Available

Restaurant Jobs at Parq Casino Vancouver

Four versatile positions have been posted in the last month for several restaurants and bars at The Parq Vancouver. They include:

Manager, D6 Bar & Lounge

Managing a bar with fast-pace service and upscale atmosphere is a big job with great responsibilities. At the least, you’ll need natural leadership skills and 3+ years F&B management/supervisory experience.

See the full job listing.

Bartender, D6 Bar & Lounge

Social skills and a flair for mixology will get you everywhere here!

See the full job listing.

Shift Lead, BC Kitchen

The shift lead supervises of all staff members and ensures complete customer satisfaction. 1+ year supervisory experience required.

See the full job listing.

Sushi Cook, The Victor

If you love cooking, prepping and cleaning up in the kitchen, and have at least a reasonable familiarity with Japanese cuisine, The Victor is hiring!

See the full job listing.

Employment Perks at The Parq

Employees of The Parq Vancouver have a lot to look forward to. Benefits include private health and dental coverage for the whole family. All staff members are eligible to receive guest service and luxury culture training to help them climb the ladder of success within the company. And as an added perk, all employees receive discounts throughout the property, including all 8 restaurants, the hotel and spa.

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