27 Apr

Don’t Sabotage Your Casino Gambling Experience

Learn the quickest ways to sabotage your chance of beating the casino, and how to avoid them.

Quickest Ways to Sabotage Your Chance of Beating the Casino

The casino is place for fun to be had and money to be made. More often than not, it’s the casino that makes the money. The games are designed that way. Sometimes you’ll win, but more often you’ll lose. So long as you’re getting the fun out of the experience, and you’re not over-extending your budget, it’s worth it.

Your odds of winning may not be stacked in your favor, but there’s no reason you should stack them any higher over the casino’s side of the fence, either. That just seems like common sense, right? Oddly enough, there are a few face-palming mistakes that beginners make more often than not, undermining their own odds of walking away a winner.

Don’t Sabotage Your Chance of Beating the Casino

Below, I’ll briefly describe the five most common ways new players sabotage their own already-slim chances of winning. If you care about your bankroll, don’t make these mistakes.

#1 Blind Betting

Blind betting is what I refer to as walking into a casino and placing wagers on a game you don’t understand. If you don’t know the rules of craps, don’t play it. If you don’t know the odds of winning a roulette bet, don’t place it. The casino’s house edge can range anywhere from 0.27% to 25% or more! Knowledge is power. Learn about the games first.

#2 American Roulette

The fact that this game still exists infuriates me. Why would anyone play a game with a minimum 5.26% house edge, when there are much better versions? Because they don’t know better. European Roulette cuts the odds in half to 2.7%. French Roulette, although harder to find, presents half that still, holding 1.35% on even-money wagers. If everyone would stop wasting their money on American Roulette, maybe casinos would finally dispose of this horrible game for good.

#3 Betting Systems

Betting systems are a big steaming pile of dung. I learned this the hard way in my younger years, as have countless others who were sure their luck couldn’t be so bad as to lose 7 easy bets in a row. It was probably my first hard casino lesson, and it cost me over $600. Betting systems aren’t fail safe. You risk a lot to win a little, and the greedier you get, the more you stand to lose. Not convinced? Learn why betting systems don’t work.

#4 Just One More…

Don’t be that guy… You know the one. He wins a large amount, but instead of walking away, decides to try his luck just one more time. That’s the guy who could have beat the casino, but instead handed it all right back, all because he didn’t know when to quit. Set a goal, and when you reach it, quit! It’s the only way to beat the house.

#5 Who Needs Sobriety?

You do! Alcohol and drugs impair judgment, and bad decisions are the quickest way to ruin any chance of beating the casino. There’s a reason Vegas casinos are famous for handing out free drinks, and it’s not because they’re generous. One beer isn’t going to sabotage the experience, but keep them coming, and you can forget about winning money.

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