28 Mar

Electronic Roulette or Live Roulette? Why it Matters

Advantages of Playing Electronic Roulette at Casinos Online & On Land

Advantages of Electronic Roulette at casinos online and on land.

Whether you’re an online casino fan or favor the more exhilarating experience of a live casino atmosphere, odds are, you’ll find roulette games are available in more than one format. I’m not talking about the obvious choices in regional variations; American, European and French. I’m referring to the way a game is furnished; as a live dealer table or an electronic roulette game.

Thanks to sophisticated live-streaming technology, live casino roulette is now available for online and mobile casino players. Likewise, electronic roulette can now be played on a cabinet-style machine, similar to slots and video poker games.

For casinos, the advantage in providing electronic forms of roulette to players is blatant. It saves them the cost of hiring dealers and monitoring the games. But are there any advantages for players who choose electronic over live dealer roulette?

Electronic Roulette at Casinos Online & On Land

Before I get into the pros and cons, let’s take a quick look at how electronic games work. There’s no metal ball dropped into a physical, spinning wheel. The entire process takes place on a video screen, under the control of a computer program. That computer program utilizes a random number generator (RNG) to produce an outcome. That RNG operates with extensive algorithms that are both realistic and unpredictable. This concept delivers the exact same chance of any possible result appearing as a live roulette wheel.

Advantages of Electronic Roulette Games

Playing RNG-based roulette games offers the clear benefit of being the only player at the virtual table. Not everyone enjoys the communal atmosphere of a crowded game. This is less of an issue when playing live roulette online, but in a terrestrial casino, it can make a huge difference.

Let’s take a look at some of the less apparent reasons electronic roulette games can be better than the “real wheel deal”.

Learn the Ropes

If you’re not already familiar with the game of roulette, the electronic version gives you all the tools you need to figure it out. You won’t have to bug your neighbor or the dealer with questions. You won’t make any foolish mistakes, drawing the sideways glances of others. In a live casino, simply click the info button and read up on the rules. Better yet, in an online casino, you can play the demo mode for free and learn as you go with zero risk.

Lower Stakes

Live dealer roulette tables can be quite expensive, especially for the budget-minded bettor. Bets may start at $5, $10, or even as high as $25. Not everyone can afford to drop that much per play; not without risking bankruptcy in under 20 minutes. Electronic casino games tend to offer much lower minimums of $1 or $2 on land, or as low as just $0.10 online.

Zero Intimidation

Did you know there’s a lot of etiquette that applies to live roulette table games? Never let your color-coded chips get mixed up with another player’s. Never try to put a chip on the table after the dealer calls ‘No more bets!‘ Don’t get dramatic about your wins or losses; that gets annoying quick! If you want to place a bet on the other side of the table, never reach across – ask for help. And above all, don’t forget to tip the dealer every hour!

That’s a lot to remember. One false move, and you’ll get some sour looks from the veterans at the table. Plus, all that tipping can cut into your bankroll. None of these issues exist when playing electronic roulette at casinos online or on land.

You’re In Control

Last but not least, playing alone puts you in total control of the game speed. I’m not suggesting you play faster than a live table; quite the opposite. These games allow you to take your time. You can place and remove as many chips as you want, ensuring you’ve got all your bets sized correctly and in their intended positions before confirming the wager and pressing spin. The slower you play, the longer your bankroll can last. Thus, the more enjoyment you can expect to get from the experience.

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