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Top Tips for First-Time Slots Players

Five things beginner slot machine players need to know before playing slots for the first time.

Five Things Beginner Slot Machine Players Need to Know Before Playing

Slot machines are a unique type of gambling game. Once housed in large, cast-iron cases with mechanical drums, they’ve evolved immensely over the last century. Today, there are thousands of different machines out there. They have beautiful video graphics and offer any number of reels and paylines with myriad features to bulk up payouts.

Slot machines are by far the most popular of all casino games. It’s not because they have the best payouts – they don’t. It’s because they provide extreme sensory stimulation. The lights, the sounds, the vibrant animation and endless themes; everyone can find a machine that appeals to their preferences in some way, shape or form.

What Beginner Slot Machine Players Need To Know

Before you go diving into a casino slots experience, there is a lot to be learned about these fascinating games. Sure, they’re very easy to play; another aspect that attributes to their mass popularity. But there are a few tips first-time slots players need to know before they start playing these games.

#1 Entertainment Is The Goal!

When it comes to slot machines, there’s no such thing as a positive expectation. No strategy, no matter how well conceptualized, will gain you an advantage over the house. If you’re playing online slot machines, the payout percentages will be higher than land-based casinos (avg. 96-97%), but that’s still a negative expectation.

Some players do get lucky and win money – in rare cases, extremely large amounts of money! But you can’t count on luck. You must view your slots experience as a form of entertainment – paid entertainment, to be precise. If you go in expecting to win cash, odds are you’re going to be disappointed.

#2 Slot Machine Bankroll Budgeting

Every bankroll management guide tells players a bankroll should consist of “only money you can afford to lose”. What some neglect to mention is how to choose your games based on the size of that bankroll. If you have $100 to spend, that doesn’t mean you should play $1 slot machines. That $1 means $1 per line, and if there’s 20 pay lines, that equates to $20 per spin. Ouch!

It’s not about your bankroll size, but the cost per play. Even a $20 bankroll can last a decent amount of time if you play penny slots with up to 40 lines, or nickel slots with 5-15 lines. Always check the pay tables and choose a machine that corresponds with your slot machine bankroll budget.

#3 Max Bets = Max Payouts

Expanding on the previous topic, you’re better off choosing a low cost / low pay line machine that you can afford to bet the maximum number of lines/coins on. Otherwise, you’ll be facing a lower return to player (RTP), which translates to lower odds of winning.

#4 Understand the Features

Beginner slot machine players rarely understand what’s happening the first time they spin the reels. They put money in, press Spin, and stare at the screen in wonder. They figure it doesn’t really matter – that they’ll figure it out as they go. That’s an option, certainly, but it greatly diminishes the entertainment value of playing the games (refer to tip #1). Have you ever tried watching sports you don’t understand? It’s just not as fun. You’ll have a much better time if you take a minute or two to read the pay table info first.

#5 Play With Bonus Credits

One of the best benefits of playing slot machines at online casinos is the prevalent nature of bonuses. These websites have a great deal of competition – thousands of websites vying for player deposits. As such, they tend to offer regular slots bonuses for their players, starting with the moment you register and fund your account. These bonuses can match your deposit dollar for dollar. What’s better than having $100 to play the slots? Having $200 to play with!

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