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Casino Perks – Live Comps or Online Bonuses?

Going for Gold: Online casino bonuses vs real casino comps.

Going for Gold: Online Casino Bonuses vs Real Casino CompsEvery casino on the planet – even those hovering in the incorporeal realm of cyberspace – relies on some type of promotions to draw new customers and encourage loyalty among existing patrons. At physical casinos, players receive compensation for their wagering, known universally as “comps”. Online casinos offer similar rewards by way of “bonuses”.

Both types of casino perks are valuable, but in different ways. Which is better has more to do with your personal preference. We’ll talk a little about each and let you decide for yourself which is more beneficial to you.

Real Casino Comps

As soon as you walk into a casino for the first time, you’ll want to stop in at the guest registry to sign up for a player’s club card. The desk is always right by the entrance, so you can’t miss it. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get your card. You’ll be asked for your photo ID, phone number and email address (those last two are optional).

Every time you play a game in the casino, you’ll want to swipe this card first. Every game now has a card kiosk, even the live dealer table games. The card tracks your wagers and the amount of time you spend betting, and converts that into comps.

The average player who makes minimum bets can expect to earn free drinks the whole time they’re gambling in the casino. If you bet a little higher, you’ll probably be comped a free meal in the resident buffet, too. The biggest spenders are usually comped a free room in the hotel on top of all that food and drink.

Providing your physical address (required), email and/or phone number (for text messages) will result in additional comp offers. If you spent a lot at the casino last time, and haven’t been back in a month, you’ll probably receive an offer to come back and play. It might include a meal, a free $10 for the slots, or entry to a special tournament. These are the ways land-based casinos reward players.

Online Casino Bonuses

As soon as you register an account with an online casino, you’ll be offered a bonus. It might be a no-deposit bonus, granting a small amount of credits to take the games for a test drive. Or, it might be a larger deposit match bonus attached to your first purchase, often doubling the amount with free credits.

This is the internet gambling communities way of offering freebies to new players. Obviously, they can’t pass you a frothy or fruity beverage, so instead, you get extra casino cash to extend your game play.

Online casinos also claim to offer “comps”, just like terrestrial gambling halls. But these aren’t tangible comps. Since they can’t offer you food or drinks, or a comfy bed with turn-down service, they instead award “comp points”. And once a player earns enough points, they can exchange them for rewards. But these casino perks are the same thing – the only thing – these operators can offer… online casino bonuses.

Which Is Better, Comps or Bonuses?

The answer really depends on your situation. Are you the type of person who has the time and means to visit a land-based casino often? If so, real casino comps are pretty great. If you play blackjack with perfect strategy, odds are you’ll only lose a few bucks in an hour, so that free meal and beverage becomes your profit. And if you’re a high roller, a free weekend in the penthouse is awfully “suite”!

On the other hand, modern society comes with busy lifestyles. Sometimes, we can’t get away as much as we’d like. Or maybe you don’t have a local casino to turn to. In this case, those online bonuses are pretty handy. Operators are very generous with them, extending the entertainment value far beyond what most players would get on their own dime.

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