15 Feb

Dream Catcher 2 Monopoly Live Edition

Evolution launches Live Dream Catcher Monopoly Edition.

Evolution Doubles Down with Live Dream Catcher Monopoly EditionEveryone above the age of 4 knows the board game Monopoly. Whether it’s the classic edition, or one of today’s hundreds of thematic variations, the prototypical visage of Rich Uncle Pennybags is unmistakable. Now, that vintage character graces the digital stage in Evolution Gaming‘s latest release of Dream Catcher 2: Monopoly Live Edition.

This new creation was the mystery unveiled by Evolution Gaming at last week’s ICE Totally Gaming in London; the most prestigious annual iGaming trade show on the planet. In the days leading up to the big event, Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter eagerly told of the unveiling of 10 new games at this year’s expo. The company named 9 of them but kept “one secret game” in their back pocket. This was it.

Live Dream Catcher Monopoly Edition

Live casino fans who’ve experienced the unsurpassed quality of Evolution Gaming live dealer tables should be familiar with the concept of Dream Catcher Live. It is essentially the Big Money Wheel game available at most land-based casinos, but with a lucrative twist. Special multiplier positions exist on the wheel that can boundlessly increase the payout of the next winning number.

Having a live host to spin the wheel and commentate on the games makes it all the more exciting. Instead of simply placing bets, watching the wheel, and hoping for the best, players feel more like they are watching—nay, participating in—a live television game show. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s entertaining, and with a little luck, it can be worth a great deal of cash.

Dream Catcher 2 Monopoly Live EditionIn the new Monopoly Dream Catcher game, the base game is, for the most part, the same as the original. Players can bet on all the number on the wheel, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40, with payouts matching the corresponding numbers; (1 pays 1-to-1, 5 pays 5-to-1, etc.) In this version, there are no 2x or 7x multipliers on the wheel. Instead, there are 6 positions that relate to the Monopoly Bonus Game within.

Rich Uncle Pennybags spends the majority of his time sitting comfortably in a 3D-world setting just left of the wheel and host. He does all kinds of everyday actions from his animated world. He may sit quietly and read his newspaper, or sip gingerly from a cup of coffee during the base game. But when one of those 6 special positions on the wheel is struck, he hops into action.

Dream Catcher 2 Monopoly Bonus Game

When the wheel lands on Chance, Mr. Pennybags jumps up and draws a chance card. Players receive whatever reward is written on the card. It could be anything from an instant prize to a multiplier of up to 10x.

Dream Catcher Monopoly Bonus GameWhere the game gets really exciting is when the wheel lands on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls positions. This time, Pennybags hops out of his chair and ushers players into Monopoly City, a vast 3D world with a classic Monopoly board as its centerpiece. Players move around the board as the dice roll either 2 or 4 times for multiple chances to win cash prizes. And, just like real Monopoly, rolling doubles awards an additional roll of the dice.

Before the bonus game starts, Uncle Pennybags will randomly place houses and hotels on some of the properties to determine the multipliers for each. The farther you get around the board, the higher multiplier you’ll receive. And if you happen to enter the bonus game on a multiplier, that will stack on as well. The end payout will be the total bet times the highest achieved multiplier.

Although this portion of the game takes place in a 3D world, rather than a physical wheel that is spun by a real host, it’s still a genuine experience for all players. When the dice are rolled, they are actual dice being rolled by the live host. Aside from the random placement of houses and hotels, nothing about the game is RNG-based.

There is no limit to the number of rolls players can receive. In fact, Evolution Gaming had to put a cap of €500,000 win per player, per bonus game; an insurance policy of sorts in hopes that the new Live Dream Catcher Monopoly Edition won’t bankrupt the company.

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