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Play Roulette Online for High Stakes

High stakes roulette online and at live dealer casinos.

High Stakes Roulette: Online and Live Dealer Casinos with the Highest LimitsThroughout history, roulette has been a game for the most discerning of players. Noble lords and ladies of the 18th and 19th century were the most common players. Their wagers were often exorbitant in nature; one of the reasons roulette long ago earned the nose-lofting title, Game of Kings.

The online casino industry is evolving the categorization of so many games. No longer is craps a game for those who already understand its seemingly convoluted rules. No longer is baccarat obscured by the mystical red curtain of affluence. And no longer does roulette require expensive taste from its participants.

Thanks to the widespread nature of internet casinos, you can enjoy a game of roulette for as little as $0.10 per chip. Then again, not everyone is looking to save a buck at the tables. Some players still want to experience the thrilling surge of playing roulette online for high stakes. And for those players, we are writing today’s review of…

High Stakes Roulette Online

If you happen to be wealthy and have more than enough cash to flaunt on the roulette tables, you’ll be glad to know there are a lot of high stakes options. We’ll talk about which games you should be playing, and which casinos have the highest roulette stakes online.

Picking the Right Roulette Game

Just because you have the cash to spare doesn’t mean you don’t care what the odds are. You still want the best shot at winning, right? Of course you do! And for that reason, you should be placing your bets on a French Roulette wheel.

We’ve talked about this at length in our previous series, Casino Roulette 101, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Short and simple, French Roulette carries the La Partage rule. By this rule, if the winning number is 0, all even money wagers are returned. This cuts the standard house edge on even-money wagers in half, from 2.70% to 1.35%.

RNG vs. Live Dealer Casinos

There are two ways to enjoy roulette games online. You can play the electronic versions, known as RNG roulette, or the more realistic version of live dealer roulette. RNG stands for random number generator, which denotes the type of software that powers electronic games.

RNG roulette has the same odds and probabilities of traditional live games. Being electronic, however, there are autonomy controls that allow players to play at their own pace; quickly, slowly, automatically, etc.

Live dealer roulette is akin to playing in a real, live casino, except that the games are played and viewed from home (or wherever you may be), on a desktop or mobile screen.

High Stakes Roulette Games

When you’re looking for roulette online with high stakes, it’s not about the casino that you join, but rather the software that powers the casino. Every Microgaming powered casino carries the same roulette games, with the same stake limits. The same goes for NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, etc.

The following chart depicts the maximum limits for high stakes roulette online and at live dealer casinos by software brand.


Live Dealer Casinos Roulette by Evolution GamingMicrogaming rouletteNetEnt Roulette OnlineHigh Stakes Roulette by Playtech


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