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6×4 Fruit Blox Slot with 6,000+ Ways to Win

Red Tiger showcases Connected Ways slot feature in Fruit Blox.

Red Tiger Showcases new Connected Ways Slot Feature in Fruit BloxIn an industry where features only seem to get more progressively complex, Red Tiger Gaming, developer of digital gambling products for online casinos, is working to make their game mechanics as easy as possible to understand. Best of all, they’re doing it without taking away from the mega-line payout experiences so many interactive slot machine enthusiasts have come to expect—even on fruit machines.

The game in question—Fruit Blox Slot—was released in July of this year. However, it’s just now getting the recognition it deserves. Online casinos that employ the Red Tiger portfolio are pushing Fruit Blox onto front page listings as they discover more and more players seeking out the title. Let’s have a closer to look to see what’s garnering so much attention from online slots fans.

Fruit Blox Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

First of all, this is perhaps the largest online fruit machine on the market; and we all know how much some players absolutely love fruit machines. This one has a substantial 6×4 reel set. Instead of paylines, it comes with Red Tiger’s new ‘Connected Ways‘ feature. We’ll talk more about that in a moment…

Symbolically, Fruit Blox is exactly what you’d expect from a classic fruit machine theme. The imagery includes Wilds, 7s, Stars, Bells and Bars on the high end; grapes, plums, oranges, lemons and cherries on the low end. Wilds substitute for all other symbols in the game.

Fruit Blox features Mega Tiles—enlarged symbols that can cover anywhere from a 2×2 to 4×4 position on the reels. When any two matching Mega Tiles are adjacent to one another, and make up a winning combination, the payout receives a 2x multiplier.

6x4 Fruit Blox Slot with Mega Tiles and 6,000+ Ways to WinThe Free Spins symbol only appears in Mega Tile sizes, and guarantees that free spins will be awarded each time it appears. The number of free spins the player receives is equal to the number of positions the Free Spins symbol covers. The Free Spins Mega Tiles are subject to the same 2x multiplier as standard symbols. If two Free Spins Mega Tiles appear adjacent to one another, the player wins double the number of free spins.

Before the free games start, a set of 3×3 symbols appears. One of them will be randomly selected to become an extra wild during the free games bonus. Free Spins can trigger again during the free games. When this happens, another Wild is randomly chosen. As these features stack, the game has the potential to pay out a maximum 10,000x the total stake.

Fruit Blox Connected Ways Slot Feature

The most unique thing about Red Tiger’s new Fruit Blox Slot is the way in which winning combinations line up. They call it the “Connected Ways” feature. On a 6×4 reel-set, it delivers more than 6,000 ways to win. It’s similar to other ‘All Ways‘ type payout features, but with a directional twist.

Red Tiger Gaming Connected Ways Slot FeatureThere are only two rules to the paradigm. First, the originating symbol in the winning combination must appear on the left-most reel. Second, there must be at least 3 matching symbols adjacent to one another to instigate a win.

The adjacent symbols can be above, below, or to either the side. So long as they are connected in any direction, an include at least one position on the left-most reel, it’s worthy of a payout.

To make its new Connected Ways slot feature even easier to understand, each and every symbol in the Fruit Blox Slot is covered entirely with its respective color. The orange has an orange background, the lemon a yellow background, the green star a green background, and so forth. By simply viewing the colors of each position on the reels, players can easily tell if they’ve won, and in which positions.

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