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Social Gambling: The Inherent Difference Between Men & Women

The Gender Role: Easy casino games vs gambling with skill.

The Gender Role: Easy Casino Games vs Gambling with SkillIf I say that women like bingo and slot machines, and that men play blackjack and poker, you’d probably think me an insensitive chauvinist. It’s a stereotype that a lot of people find degrading. However, most stereotypes are based, at east loosely, on statistical facts. And the stats do support the theory that women are more prone to play simple games like the slots, while men are more likely to play games where skill can be a presiding factor over their win rate.

It’s not that woman don’t wager on games of skill, or that men don’t play slots. In fact, statistics show that more and more women are playing skill-based games—especially poker. Online casinos and poker sites are reporting a lot more activity from the ladies these days. Conversely, online slots jackpots are won by men almost as often as they are women. But still, the male species dominates the action in the skill arena.

There’s nothing rude or derogatory about it, just as there’s nothing wrong with preferring one game type over another. I’m not trying to be stereotypical at all. It’s actually nothing more than human nature that guides most of our actions; even when it comes to picking online casino games.

Why More women Play Easy Casino Games

Think about the average woman’s role in society. Women are inherent caregivers. Whether they have a daytime job or not, their ingrained desire to take care of things at home will prevail. Most women do hold a full-time job these days. Yet still, they are tending to children, cleaning the house, and ensuring there’s a good hot meal on the table when they come home.

Because of this, women tend to spend many more hours doing laborious activities than men. And for this reason, when they do turn to online casino games for a breath of fresh air, the last thing they want to encounter is added stress. They seek relaxation and entertainment above all else. Playing easy games like bingo, roulette or slot machines provides that sense of relief.

Why More Men Prefer Gambling with Skill

On the opposite side of that coin we have the male gender. Now let’s think about their standard role in society for a moment. A man’s inherent nature is to provide for his family. Whether it’s hunting for food or working to bring home a pay check, men have a natural desire to be efficient providers.

Thus, when a male logs onto an online casino, he isn’t just looking to relax, blow off steam and be entertained. Their inherent philosophy to be the bread winner presides over all aspects of their lives. This most often leads men to games where refined skill and the implementation of strategies can increase their odds of winning. Whether they realize it or not, gambling isn’t just a past time for men, but a potential way to increase revenue.

Taking Pride in the Exceptions

As they say, there are exceptions to every rule. There are plenty of men out there who enjoy easy casino games, just as the live and online poker felt sees more women around the tables with each passing year. There is no shame in fitting into the so-called stereotype, or being an exception. Everyone should take pride in who they are, and their preferences; whether it’s taking on the mental strain of gambling with skill or enjoying a relaxing game with no provocation of thought.

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