16 Jul

Grading the Best Online Casinos by User Experience

Do your favorite online casinos offer the best user experience?

Do Your Favorite Online Casinos offer the Best User ExperienceWhen seeking the best online casinos, we tend to put so much emphasis on security, maturity and regulation, that we often overlook one of the most important components to a good gambling website—the user experience. While those other factors are critical, choosing a website that is as enjoyable as it is easy to navigate is equally important. 

Think About your Favorite Online Casinos… 

Assuming you’re already a part of the vast, global online gambling community, think for a moment about your favorite casino websites. What is it that you like about them? If you had to pick the top three qualities, what would they be? 

If you didn’t choose the overall experience as one of your reasons, you may want to reconsider which operator(s) you do business with. 

What Constitutes the Best User Experience? 

Best Online Casino User Experience ChecklistThere are three specific qualities that, when melding together, provide players with a superior online casino experience. They include ease of navigation, the quality of the gaming software, and the overall efficiency of customer support. Let’s review those for a moment. 

#1 Navigability 

Navigating an online casino is comparable to navigating your local grocery or department store. Everything we need should be easy to find. Aisles should be properly and visibly labeled for our convenience, just as each section of the website should be apparent at a glance. 

When looking through the game variety, menus and sub-menus should be available, and easy to distinguish. Considering the mass production of today’s online slots and table games, search filters should be provided for simple browsing of the titles we want to play. 

Compiling ease of navigation with an aesthetic design doesn’t hurt, either. 

#2 Software Quality 

The quality of the operator’s chosen software should be top notch. Players should be able to access any and all games quickly, without experiencing lag or system crashes. In years past, players were often forced to choose—quality or quantity. Today’s technology is far superior, meaning no one should have to make such compromises. 

Some live casinos, unfortunately, are still notorious for this, but not all of them. When live streaming table games, you should be privy to HD quality video, clear streaming audio, and a user interface that is simple to understand. Settle for nothing less. 

#3 Customer Support 

We all hope that we will never run into any problems that necessitate communications with the customer support team. If something does happen, though—no matter how big or small—it’s important to know that the support services are top of the line. 

A reliable support team will offer a range of quality services. Contact methods should include live chat and email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The representatives should all be friendly, helpful, and wholly knowledgeable regarding all aspects of their business. Multiple languages and toll-free telephone numbers should be supported to accommodate users from every country from which players are accepted. 

Now that you know what the user experience should be like, think once more about your favorite online casinos. Can you confidently mark off all three of the qualities on this checklist? If so, you’re in great shape. If not, you may want to consider switching to a better brand. 

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