7 Jul

How to Use the Paroli System to Play Roulette

Ease and efficacy of Paroli Betting System for even-money wagering.

Paroli Betting System for Roulette and other even-money wagering gamesPeople have been devising betting systems for centuries, particularly since the invention of the roulette wheel. There are plenty of them out there to date. Most are progressive, meaning your bet size will increase each time you lose, only resulting in a positive gain if and when you win.

Today, we’ll be talking about a betting sequence known as the Paroli System. Like all others, it requires the player to bet a certain amount based on whether they won or lost the previous bet. But this one is a bit different, featuring two main goals:

  1. To yield small but frequent wins.

  2. To minimize the risk of significant losses.

That second key aspect is one of the main reasons so many people use this system. Most sequences can put a large sum of money at risk following a bad streak of luck. Paroli does not.

How to Use the Paroli Betting System

This is, in my opinion, the easiest betting system available. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon, a calculator, or even a cheat card to peak at. Paroli is most commonly used to play roulette and baccarat, but can be applied to any game with even-money wagering. It only takes a few steps…

1. Choose Your Base Betting Unit

As with every betting system, you’ll need to choose a base betting unit; that is, the amount at which you place your first bet. It can be any amount, so long as it’s well within the size of your bankroll, and multiplying it by three won’t exceed the table limit.

First, determine the size of your overall bankroll. This should be the amount you’re willing to lose in a single session. Your base bet unit should be around 2-3% of your total bankroll. If you have $100 to spare, start with $2 or $3. For maximum efficiency, do not exceed 5%.

2. Double Bet Following a Win

When you win your base bet, double up for the next bet. So if you started at $2, double it to $4. If you win the $4 bet, double it again to $8.

3. Stop: Take the Profit After Three Wins

If you win three consecutive bets, keep your profits and return to your original base bet. This is how the Paroli system affords small but frequent wins, without risking large amounts of money. The most you’ll win with a $2 base bet is $16, necessitating 3 wins in a row. It’s not uncommon to win three bets in a row, but anything higher becomes more rare. Do this several times throughout a session, and the winnings can add up.

4. Return to Base Bet Following Loss

Any time you lose a bet, return to the base bet unit. Never increase your bet size after a loss. In this way, you’ll never lose a large some of money due to progressions.

Please be aware, the Paroli betting system will not guarantee you a profit—no gambling system can do that. The casino’s edge will remain the same, regardless of what system you employ, if any. As I said though, it’s not uncommon to win or lose three consecutive bets. If you win three, you make $16. If you lose three, you only lose $6. That extra $10 per trio of wins should help make up for losses along the way, doing what every effective strategy is intended to do; minimizes losses and maximize profits.

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