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Got an Online Casino Complaint? Start Here

How to file a complaint against online casino services.

How to File a Complaint against online casino servicesSometimes, a situation will arise in which an internet gambler feels the need to file an online casino complaint. It’s less common these days than it used to be, back when player protections were lax, and help was virtually non-existent. But it does happen, especially when players don’t bother to research the reputation of their chosen iGaming operator.

The first thing you need to know—and hopefully it’s not too late—is the importance of registering with upright operators. They should have a long and steadfast reputation for customer satisfaction, and a licence from a reputable jurisdiction where player protections are strictly enforced. Fail to do this, and you may find you have no options at all. Chalk it up to experience and learn from your mistake.

Always know who you’re dealing with beforehand, and chances are, you won’t have any complaints to begin with. But if you do, at least you’ll have somewhere to turn.

Why and When Should I File a Complaint?

There are several situations that might give rise to a worthy complaint. If you deposit funds, and they don’t appear in your account (but did leave your bank). If you’ve tried to request a withdraw, and been denied for irrational reasons. Maybe your account has been closed without notice, and the operator refuses to refund your balance. You could be wrongly accused of bonus abuse, or the victim of a severe software malfunction.

If anything like this occurs, the very first step is to contact customer support. Explain the problem and ask for an explanation. Nine times out of ten, an upright operator will be able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. If the response is that you’ve violated the terms and conditions in some way, take a close look at the T&C and make sure you’re in the right.

If you’ve done nothing wrong, or if the operator fails to respond at all, only then should you file a complaint. Doing so is a serious matter, so make sure you’re in good standing, and can back up your claims.

How to File a Complaint Against Online Casino Services

There are several ways you can go about filing a complaint. You can go directly to the regulator, but this is recommended as a last resort, as it gets the real authorities involved, and can take a very long time. There are much faster ways to resolve your issue.

A number of Online Casino Watchdog websites are available to assist. When need arises, they will go to bat for you. These watchdogs have such a widespread reputation among the global iGaming community. Thus operators who are at fault will generally take any steps they can to resolve the issue before they end up on a dreaded Watchdog Black List.

CasinoMeister: Founded in 1998 by Brian Bailey, this website has helped countless victims of everything from online casino fraud, to simple misunderstandings.

AskGamblers: Another longtime member of the casino watchdog community, AskGamblers was established in 2006. The site works diligently to help players who feel they’ve been wronged, and offers a great deal of Q&A that often resolves situations before a complaint has to be filed with them.

ThePogg: Online since 2011, ThePogg is a watchdog with a vast forum, where gamblers congregate and share their experiences. When things go awry, filing a complaint here will raise a lot of hackles. It can get the ball rolling to a swift resolution.

Regulatory Body: If all else fails, file a complaint against online casino services directly with the regulator under which the casino operates. You can find out where an operator holds its licence by scrolling to the bottom of the website’s main page. There should be a logo and link to the regulatory body. If not linked, search for the regulator’s website and go from there.

You must have hard evidence to back up your claims if you’re taking this route. Regulators are extremely busy. While they take pride on holding their licencees to very strict regulations, if your story doesn’t hold water, the response will not be kind.

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