30 Apr

Casino Masters: Raw Talent for Inherent Risk

Do you have what it takes to master the art of casino gambling?

Master the Art of Casino GamblingGambling is among the oldest industries of the world. It predates any textual content. No doubt cavemen wagered on the prowess their masculinity, just as today we bet on boxers competing in the ring, and thoroughbreds racing down the track.

Throughout the ages, few have displayed a raw talent for inherent risk. It takes more than a mathematical mind to master the art of gambling. Patience, discipline, keen skills of observance, and a deep-rooted understanding the games, rules and odds are all necessary qualities.

We’ve all dreamed of striking it rich in Las Vegas, or winning the lottery. We’ve considered what we might do with all that money. Most of us get no closer to achieving this dream than buying a ticket for the upcoming drawing, or dropping coins in a slot machine and crossing our fingers. But there are some among us who have exceptional talents, utilizing their knowledge to become wildly successful professional gamblers.

Mastering the Art of Casino Gambling

Have you ever fancied yourself a professional gambler? They do exist, even right here in Canada. Look at professional poker players Daniel Negreanu, Evelyn Ng, Jonathan Duhamel, and Kristen Bicknell. Consider blackjack aficionado Monica Reeves. And what about American gambling gurus Don Johnson, Ken Uston, and Tommy Hyland, just to name a few? The entire (original) MIT Blackjack Team is worth mention.

These gamblers aren’t famous because they got lucky. Their intelligence for the games and ability to count cards and calculate odds faster than a beat of their own heart is what earned them such legendary status. All of these people and their countless colleagues have a number of things in common. They are the same natural attributes you’ll need to follow in their footsteps.

Raw Talent for Inherent Risk

The very firs thing you’ll need is patience. It takes hours upon countless hours of practice to master the art of gambling. If you’re a card player, poker and/or blackjack are the most common choices, as they offer very specific, situational odds, where a player can turn the edge to their advantage. If you don’t have the patience to learn strategic decision making, you’ll never make it far at these tables.

Second, you’ll need discipline, not just in making smart decisions, but especially when it comes to bankroll management. No matter how skilled you might be at a game, there will always be good days and bad days; good weeks and bad weeks; sometimes even months or years. For a true professional, the good will outweigh the bad, but being able to ride out the bad stretches without going broke is imperative.

Third, a keen sense for numbers goes a long way. If you can’t calculate numbers in your head very well, this probably isn’t the profession for you. There are 52 cards in a poker deck. How many ways can you make a flush, a straight, a full house? What are the odds that you’ll be dealt a natural blackjack when you’re 40% deep in a 6-deck shoe, when seven aces and fourteen 10-value cards are missing?

These aren’t the types of equations your average player deals with. But professionals do, and they can tell you the answer long before you can open the calculator app on your phone.

No one plays their first game knowing the answers to these questions, but true professionals will come to develop these skills in time. If you genuinely love math, and have the patience and discipline to master the art of gambling, it may be a career worth pursuing.

If you’ve got what it takes, the rush is inexplicable; comparable to the adrenaline experienced by a Nascar driver or an astronaut. But just like those exhilarating careers, there’s inherent risk. Casino gambling is not a path to tread lightly.

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