17 Apr

Single-Player vs Multi-Player Online Bingo

Single or multi-player bingo games online – pick your poison!

So you want to play real money online bingo. If you’ve never done so before, you may find that the options are much more abundant than you ever imagined. Traditional players who gather at the local church or community centre all play the same 75-ball bingo games in a communal setting. But the internet opens a vast array of possibilities.

Today’s informative text will focus primarily on the differences between Single-Player Online Bingo and Multi-Player Online Bingo games. Both will require you to sign up an account and deposit funds to purchase bingo cards. But right now, you’re probably wondering, how does a single player compete in a bingo game? So we’ll start there.

Single-Player Online Bingo Games

Single Player Online Bingo GamesAs you surely know, bingo is traditionally a game for a large number of players. But gambling game developers are in the business of creating more and more ways to deliver entertainment to players. Thus a single-player version of the popular game was born.

In this edition, the objective is to cover all the numbers on a card (i.e. Coverall Bingo) within a certain amount of numbers being called. Fail to match all numbers, and no prize is awarded. Covering them all guarantees a prize, and the less balls it takes to accomplish this, the higher that prize will be.

Single-player bingo is quite comparable to Keno. The called numbers are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which uses complex, unpredictable algorithms to determine the order of balls per game. It’s a fun way to play, especially if you prefer a faster game with no communal interaction.

Multi-Player Bingo Games Online

Multi-Player Bingo Games OnlineThis edition is much closer to the traditional version of bingo played in public forums all over the world. Each player purchases one or more bingo cards, up to a maximum limit. All players then compete against each other in hopes of being the first to cover their entire card.

A new bingo number will call every 5-10 seconds, depending on the site and software it utilizes. You’re welcome to scan over the cards, marking off numbers by clicking on them with your mouse (desktop), or tapping them with your finger (mobile / touch-screen device). However, if you have a lot of cards to work with, you’re probably better off using the auto-daub feature. This will automatically mark all numbers as they appear.

Once you have a complete card, press the “BINGO!” button to announce your win. Don’t worry, if you don’t press it before someone else does, you’ll still be awarded a fair share of the prize. That’s the beauty of electronic bingo games.

To make things more interesting, and more akin to a live bingo game, there’s a chat window display. It’s usually along the right side of the screen. This allows players to communicate with one another as games progress. Bingo fanatics love to congratulate each their on a win, so you can expect to see a lot of “WTG” (way to go) and “Gz” (Congratulations) in the chat.

Which has the Lower House Edge?

Single-player bingo games can have a variable house edge, depending on the pay table. One of the more popular varieties, known as Pop Bingo, offers a house edge of 3.05% when played all the way to the end.

Participating in multi-player bingo games online will result in a wild fluctuation of house edge. Your odds of winning are determined entirely by the number of cards in play, compared to the number of cards you are playing, and the number of winners to receive a prize per game.

You divide the number of all cards, by your number of card, then divide that by the number of eligible winners. In a 50 player game, where every player has 6 cards, and there are three winners sharing the prize, your odds would be 1-in-16.67; a house edge of about 6%.

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