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What really constitutes Secure Online Casinos?

Evaluating the accouterments of the most secure casinos

Evaluating the Most Secure CasinosEvery time we turn around, we hear about internet security. The negative and positive connotations are everywhere. A major customer-driven website has been hacked; sensitive data stolen. Another website is boasting enhanced, state of the art security measures. The good, the bad, the ugly… are we safe, or not?

The vast majority of individuals rely on the operators of the websites they visit to keep their accounts secure, without ever questioning just how secure it really is. It’s prominent in everything from online banking to online casino gaming. The truth is, most of us don’t know how security systems work, or what constitutes secure online casinos in the first place.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t want to know. They don’t have time for it. They register accounts, make financial transactions, and cross their fingers. So long as they’re working with a genuinely reputable website, that’s good enough – most of the time. But enough people have suffered at the hands of lax security to arise trepidation.

It’s rather interesting how people differ, especially when it comes to gambling. All take risks, but not to the same degree. There are those ‘cross your fingers‘ risk-takers, then there are those who calculate their decisions. They use proper strategies and betting tactics to ensure the least amount of risk in each wager.

If you’re the first type, the following information may not be for you. However, if you’re a calculating risk taker, learning how reputable online casinos secure your account and sensitive information could be very beneficial. If you can take the time to study blackjack charts or handicap athletic events, you’ll find disseminating the security of online casinos is much easier.

Accouterments of the Most Secure Casinos

Internet gambling operators integrate a number of technological systems to ensure the security of the website, their player accounts, and financial transactions. These accouterments are paramount to a safe online casino experience, and it’s not difficult to determine whether a casino is utilizing them.

128-Bit SSL Data Encryption

SSL Data Encryption at Secure Online CasinosData encryption is the most important aspect of any online security system. When you type your login and password, or banking information, then submit that info, that data is encrypted. That basically means it’s converted to a long series of different numbers and letters that cannot be discerned by prying eyes. Once the information reaches its destination (the other server), it is un-encrypted and intelligibly processed.

128-Bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption cannot be hacked. At least, not in any feasible frame of time. It would take a vast team of military grade intelligence at least a millennia to crack 128-bit SSL encryption.

By comparison, a single educated hacker could unravel the mystery of 40-bit encryption in just a few days. Military grade intelligence could do the same in under a second.

Don’t be off-put by the term “minimum 128-bit SSL”, either. 256-bit SSL encryption does exist, but it’s not necessary. If your information is safe for the next millennium, you have nothing to worry about.

How do you know if a website utilizes minimum 128-bit SSL encryption? Keep reading…


HTTPS promotes Online Casino SecurityEvery website has a uniform resource locator, or URL; (a.k.a. web address). For example, the URL you’re on now is debitcardcasino.ca. Some web addresses require the classic “www” prefix, others do not. That’s of no consequence. However, when you’re dealing with any website that offers account services, the URL should always start with the prefix HTTPS://.

For example, if you visit Royal Vegas Casino, the web address is https://www.royalvegascasino.com/. Even if you just type in “royalvegascasino.com”, the URL will convert to the HTTPS version.

The “S” at the end of HTTP is critical. That S stands for “Secure”. It is an indicator that the website has a valid, up to date security certificate. An information-based site like ours doesn’t need this added layer of protection, because you’re not sending or receiving personal/financial/account information. As for online casinos and other account-based websites, never, ever sign up an account or make financial transactions on any website that does not start its URL with HTTPS.

And it all ties together here. Any website starting with HTTPS:// is utilizing minimum 128-bit SSL data encryption.

Regulatory Licence and Other Certifications

Last but not least, the regulatory oversight and additional certifications of an online casino will help determine its true reliability.

Every reputable online casino is licenced by a regulatory authority, but not every licenced online casino is regulated by a reputable authority. Did you catch that? Go back and read it again!

That means that not all regulatory authorities are reputable. Costa Rica, for example, is not a reputable authority. But that doesn’t mean that all casinos licenced in Costa Rice aren’t reputable. They just don’t have to be reputable, because Costa Rica doesn’t require them to comply with any upright business standards.

Reputable jurisdictions are often those located somewhere in Europe. Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta, the UK – these are supremely reputable. When an online casino holds a licence in one of these jurisdictions, it must adhere to very strict responsibility and player protection policies.

Look over the website to see where it’s licenced. The info should be available at the bottom of each webpage, either in text form, jurisdiction logo form, or both.

Other certifications to look for include banking certificates, security certificates, and software certificates. The most secure casinos will proudly boast them. You can learn more about the iGaming security and certificates here.

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