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Mythoclastic Overview of Las Vegas Legend & Lore

Las Vegas casino myths debunked, and truth exposed.

Las Vegas Casino Myths and Truths ExposedWe’ve all heard some pretty crazy rumors about Sin City. Are Las Vegas casinos pumping oxygen in through the A/C vents? Is tipping the key to a grand experience on the Vegas Strip? Is the Megabucks cursed? Are bodies really dumped in the desert?

Exposing Las Vegas Casino Myths

From shocking truths to ridiculous fiction, today we’ll play the mythoclast, debunking the falsehoods and exposing the truth about Las Vegas legend and lore. And don’t worry, I’m not making any of this up. There are some expert, inside sources behind this information who know the industry from every angle.

False: Casinos Pump Oxygen Through A/C Vents

This is perhaps the most common myth surrounding Las Vegas casinos. It’s 100% false. It doesn’t take an expert to figure this out, but rather a bit of logic. These casinos cater to smokers. Oxygen and open flame do not mix! Do you really think they would risking blowing up their casino to keep players awake and gambling? No.

False: The Casinos Decide Who Wins on Slots, and When

Las Vegas Legend and LoreSome people believe there’s some big-wig exec watching the security cameras from above who can decide who will win big, and who won’t, with the push of a button. While security cameras are watched constantly, there’s no such button. By strict regulatory law, every slot machine runs on an unpredictable random number generator (RNG). No one knows when they will hit. If casinos did control wins, they would be shut down by regulators in a hear beat!

False: The Megabucks is Cursed!

Despite all the gossip and rumors, this is not true. The Megabucks is not cursed, and every person who’s won it has not met a terrible end. Someone may have had an unfortunate accident at some point after winning, thus starting the rumor of a curse, but most are alive and well.

True: Tipping is Paramount to a Grand Vegas Experience

This one is absolutely true. In Vegas, you either have to know someone, or tip someone, to get those extra perks we all hear about. Want a free room upgrade? Give a tip. Want a table at the restaurant? Give a tip. Want a better table? Tip again. Need good tickets to the show? Tip, please!

There’s actually an art to tipping in Vegas. Employees call good tippers ‘George’, and really good tippers ‘King George’. But do not give a cheap tip! You’re better off not tipping than tipping too low.

True: Casino Carpets get Replaced Often due to Urine

New Carpet at Las Vegas CasinosUnfortunately, this is true. We’ve all heard about some players who spend hour after hour gambling. They can’t seem to pull themselves away from a hot blackjack table, or are afraid to lose their lucky slot machine. The end result is, yes, some people do urinate on the seats and carpets. Some actually do it out of spite, hitting as many seats as they can! A word of advice, be mindful and watchful before you sit down.

True: Dead Bodies get Dumped in the Las Vegas Desert

This is one of those Las Vegas casino myths we all wish we could debunk. But again, it’s an unfortunate fact. I can’t base this on personal experience, thankfully, but according to Jackie Wright, a former public relation’s manager for Macy’s in Las Vegas, it’s very much true. Wright claims to have a close friend working in home development in the area who confirmed that he and his company “often find human remains out in the desert”. Maybe they were low tippers…

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