1 Feb

10 Live Casino Tables now open on BCLC’s PlayNow

BCLC launches Evolution’s Live Casino games on PlayNow.

There’s a new tab atop the PlayNow.ca website, home of BC, Canada’s provincially regulated iGaming platform. Tucked neatly between the items, ‘Casino‘ and ‘Sports‘, almost directly in the center, players will now find a ‘Live Casino‘ option.

BCLC Live Casino Games - Blackjack

The opening line-up includes 10 live casino tables, presenting five different games. They are all powered by the global leader in live dealer action, Evolution Gaming. The new tables went live on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Live Casino Games on BCLC’s PlayNow

The following diagram depicts the range of games and minimum / maximum table stakes for each.

Live Dealer Games Available

Min. Stake

Max Stake

Live Blackjack



Live Baccarat



Live Baccarat eSqueeze



Live Roulette



Live Auto Roulette



Live Baccarat eSqueeze and Auto Roulette

For the most part, the games define themselves. Anyone looking to pay live dealer blackjack probably knows what they’re in for. The same goes for live dealer baccarat and roulette. But there are two games on the menu you might not be familiar with.

Live Casino Tables Baccarat eSqueezeLive Baccarat eSqueeze is a variation of baccarat popular in Asian markets. According to local superstition, squeezing a card to see a bit of its suit (not the number) can give players an idea of what it might be, and the potential power to change it into what they need. In this version, however, players are given the ability to digitally peel any or all cards from the corner to reveal the identity, both number and suit.

The so-called advantage that players are given in “squeeze” baccarat games is based on the superstitious belief that one can focus all of their mental strength on a card to transform it into one they need to win. For example, let’s say you’ve bet on the Banker hand. You reveal the Player cards to be 2-6, and one Banker card is a 5. You might focus on the other card being a 4.

Live Auto Roulette isn’t nearly so mysterious in nature. It’s simply an automatic version of the game, with no live croupier required. It’s a faster version of the game, as well. Players are given about 12 seconds to place their bets between wheel spins.

Activity at Live Casino Tables

Just 24 hours after the launch, there’s already notable activity at the tables. At the time of writing – approximately 6:45am in Vancouver – there were 19 players occupying four of the games. Not surprisingly, Live Baccarat eSqueeze was the least popular, with none seated. Perhaps that will change in time as Canadians become more familiar with the concept.

The live dealer blackjack tables were the most popular early this morning, with 10 players seated. Live dealer baccarat had a decent following, with 5 payers active. Live dealer roulette had 3 players at the table, with 1 participating in the live dealer auto roulette game.

If 19 players woke up so early to try out BCLC’s new live casino games, I can just imagine how active they’ll be this evening. Evolution’s live casino tables are the most popular the world over, thanks to a superior level of hardware, software, and professionalism. Such attention to detail has won the company the EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year award for the last 8 years straight.

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