30 Jan

Online Casino Games – Know Thy Enemy

What you really need to know about winning casino games.

Winning Casino GamesHave you searched the web for any good gambling strategies lately? If so, you may have noticed that Google returns more than 25 million results for the term ‘casino strategies‘. Or maybe not. After all, you weren’t curious about how many strategy guides there are. You just wanted a good one that teaches you how to win casino games.

The truth is, winning strategies don’t really exist. There are ways to increase your odds, sure, but there are no guarantees. Every casino game is designed with an element of luck, if not relying on pure luck alone. You could use perfect strategy at any online blackjack table, and you’re still more likely to lose than win.

That doesn’t mean you should swear off online casino games, though. All it means is that you may need to alter your perspective. What if winning didn’t have the same meaning that the vast majority of gamblers think it does?

Perspective: Winning Casino Games

What do you think it takes to win? Is it reliant upon studying strategy charts or researching which games have the highest theoretical return to player (RTP)? Is it about finding a ‘hot‘ slot machine that is primed to payout? The truth is, winning and profiting aren’t necessarily the same thing. They shouldn’t be viewed equally.

Gambling is about entertainment. It always has been. After all, no game is designed to be beatable. The odds are never in your favor. Think of it this way… If you’re not enjoying the experience, you’ve already lost the game.

The real key to winning online casino games is to have an experience you can walk away from with a smile on your face. Whether you have extra dollars in your pocket, or blew through your designated bankroll, shouldn’t matter. The real question is whether the level of entertainment received is worth the value of what you may have spent to attain it.

So the next time you go seeking out gambling strategies, be careful what you ask for. Sure, using a perfect strategy might increase your odds of winning blackjack by a few percentage points, but at what cost?

Is it going to suck the enjoyment right out of the experience? Will you be so focused on avoiding mistakes or counting cards that you forget to have a good time? If you’ve ever seen an angry gambler stomping away from the tables, chances are they applied so much strategy that they were utterly pissed off when the house won anyway. Gee, that sounds like fun!

Instead of applying so much strategy that it ruins the experience, focus more on this single angle…

Online Casino Games – Know Thy Enemy

Know the Online Casino Games you PlayKnowing the games you choose to play is much more important than choosing games with the highest payout percentage or deepest strategy. Know the rules and pay tables – it’s that simple.

If you like slots, know the bet structure. It can come in three portions, not just one. There’s the coin size you choose to play, the number of paylines you’re playing, and the number of coins to bet per payline. What looks like a $0.01 slot could easily require $0.40 or more to spin the reels.

In table games like blackjack, know every option available to you. Not just the basics, either. You should know a blackjack game’s rules of splitting and doubling down, or how much you’ll get for a natural blackjack. Does the roulette table have a La Partage rule? What are the highest odds offered on the craps table? By knowing the rules, you can make good decisions, increasing your odds of profiting without taking away from the experience.

Every game has distinct rules to abide by. If you don’t fully understand them, don’t play the game. If you want to learn a game, play for free. That’s one of the most significant advantage of online casino games. They’re all available in free-play mode, allowing you unlimited time to practice, hone your skills, and give yourself the highest chance of – not necessarily profiting – but still winning casino games.

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