5 Jan

Favorite Gambling Games by Region

Favorite Casino Games: How where you live effects what you play.

What’s your favorite gambling game of choice? Is it slot machines or blackjack? Maybe you prefer baccarat, video poker or a good old fashion spin of the roulette wheel? Chances are, what you play most is derivative of where you live.

Favorite Casino Games by country

According to some expert data crunchers, favorite gambling games tend to vary by country, or region. Today, we’ll take a look at what games are favored on different parts of the planet. We’ll start with the gambling capitol of the world…

Favorite Casino Games in Las Vegas

Visitors to Sin City have access to every gambling game known to man. But the most preferred of them all – the games that get the absolute most attention – are slot machines. There’s probably no surprise there.

In November 2017, slot machines accounted for over 55% of all casino games revenue on the Vegas Strip. That’s compared to all other forms of gambling, including every variety of table games, video poker, keno, sports betting, race betting, etc.

That 55% total is pretty impressive, but still low compared to the 80% revenue they generated a few years back.

Favorite Gambling Games in Canada

If you live in the Great North, chances are your favorite games at the casino are either blackjack or slot machines. Blackjack is a big one in Canada, but slots get their fare share of the love.

One has to wonder if blackjack is so prevalent here because we breed so many of the world’s best poker payers. Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel, Alan Ari Engel, Kristen Bicknell… let’s face it, Canadians are very good with math!

Most Popular Casino Games in China (Macau)

Macau is the one jurisdiction of China where gambling is legal. It is essentially the Vegas of the east. It even has its own Cotai Strip! But if you live in the western hemisphere, you may be surprised to hear that slot machines aren’t a big deal in Macau.

The biggest game here is baccarat. Chinese VIPs absolutely love this game. There’s no real strategy to it, but there are a lot of superstitions surrounding ways to win, so it makes sense. The Chinese are all about superstitions, good luck charms and creating their own fortune.

Top Gaming Choice in The UK

For decades, there’s been one form of gambling that has been more prevalent in the UK than anywhere else – bingo! There are bingo halls all over the United Kingdom. I remember reading a few years ago that more people attend bingo games than they do sporting events. Knowing how much they love their football (soccer), that’s saying a lot!

Preferred Gambling in France

You can probably guess the favorite casino game in France. It’s roulette. After all, it was a Frenchman who invented the game, and they are extremely proud of their heritage. Yes, the ‘king of casino games‘ will forever be king in France.

Gambling Favorites in Australia

There’s nothing like a flutter on the pokies in the Land of Oz! What are pokies, you ask? Well they’re slot machines, of course. But in the Aussie dialect, they are known as poker machines, or pokies for short. More than 80% of all Australians gamble, and the pokies are by far the game of choice.

They don’t even have many casinos in Australia, because it’s mainly tourists who spend time there. Why hit a big resort when these favorite casino games are lining the walls of pubs, clubs and hotels on nearly every street corner.

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