11 Oct

Changing Coin Denomination to Win a Slots Jackpot

Can changing your bet size help you win a slot machine jackpot?

How to Win a Slot Machine JackpotI’ve heard several interesting theories recently on slot machine strategies. Two of them relate to adjusting your bet size, and how it can decrease or increase your odds of winning a slots jackpot. We’ll take a close look at these theories to determine whether they have any merit, based on fundamental slot machine mechanics and random number generator (RNG) algorithms.

Increase Bet to Win a Slot Machine Jackpot

Our first hypothesis deals with increasing the coin denomination to simultaneously increase the game’s return to player (RTP). The theory here is that slot machines will inherently deliver bigger payouts to player’s who are willing to bet more money per spin.

This concept can be dissected in two ways. First of all, placing larger bets will award larger prizes, simply because all payouts are multiples of the player’s bet. On pay-line slots, the total bet is divided by the number of paylines. Thus, each winning combination is a multiple of the per-line bet. But this is simple mathematics, generally understood by all beginner to intermediate level slots players, and has no bearing whatsoever on the game’s RTP.

The more important idea here is that the RTP will be higher for a large wager, but lower for a small wager. For example, betting $0.25 on an online slots games may incur a 95% RTP, while increasing to a $2+ bet per spin will raise the RTP to something like 97%.

In this case, it can be true. It all depends on the game, though. The majority of slot machines do not integrate a fluctuating RPT. Some of the ones known to use a rising-RTP method include Microgaming‘s Mega Moolah progressive slots (higher chance of triggering the jackpot bonus game with larger bet), and all WMS/Barcrest games that feature ‘Big Bet Mode‘.

Decrease Bet To Win a Slots Jackpot

This one is a pretty strange concept, but it has arisen in several discussion forums of late. According to one gambler, he was playing the slot machines at a local casino when he saw the woman behind him win over $2,000 playing $0.25 per spin. He sought advice from the cocktail waitress, asking if he should stay away from that machine for awhile.

He claims that the waitress told him no, the machine is just as likely to win again (which is true). However, she suggested that he decrease his wager to around $0.05 or $0.10 per spin. According to her instruction, the machine would not be willing to pay another jackpot to a $0.25 bettor. But it will still pay off for a reduction in bet size.

I’ll start by addressing that last bit. Such advice is absolutely absurd. No slot machine on the planet will have an increased chance of paying out a jackpot for smaller bets. Aside from the rare ‘increased bet/RTP rate’ games described above, slot machines payout entirely at random.

The RTP is upheld in the long term by the RNG. The RNG stops on a random sequence the moment you pull the, or push the spin button. Only this can determine the amount won or lost per spin. No result is predetermined (except on Class II games, which aren’t true slot machines). Realistically, a slots jackpot is just as likely to pay twice in one day, or twice in five years.

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