27 Jun

iSoftBet’s new Booster Slot a Hit with Classic Slot Fans

New Online Slot Machine Booster SlotThere are those of us who love antique quality and old-school ways. Then there are those who prefer the latest in modern technology. If you happen to fall somewhere in between, you’ll love the new online slot machine from iSoftBet, mixing retro reel icons with modern features and bonuses.

The Booster Slot has a very classic feel to it. The reels are covered in the same 7s and bar symbols fruit machine fans have enjoyed for generations. However, the game play incorporates today’s favorite features, including bonus rounds and free spins with high-paying multipliers.

New Booster Slot by iSoftBet

iSoftBet announced the release of its new online slot machine just this week. Please do not confuse this new game with the old 3-reel slot by the same name, supplied exclusively to Win A Day Casino by Slotland Entertainment in 2015.

The new Booster Slot is a 5 reel, 25 payline game with a galactic theme. A star-filled background sets the scene for a sci-fi journey into outer-space, where diamonds are the most precious of all symbols. Other game icons include red and blue 7s, stars, and triple-, double- and single bars (valued in that order, highest to lowest).

New Online Slot Machine Booster Slot

There is no Wild symbol in Booster Slot, but there is a special Bonus symbol, signified by the game’s lightning-bolt logo. When three or more Bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the Bonus round is triggered.

The Booster Bonus Feature is reminiscent of a game show. Eight prizes appear on a 3×3 grid. The center square is the START button, pressed to initiate the game (this becomes the STOP button once activated). A golden square then rotates quickly around each of the outer symbols, highlighting each one, until the player presses the STOP button. The item highlighted when it stops on becomes the player’s prize.

New Online Slot Machine Booster Slot

Bonus Game prizes include:

  • 15 Free Spins

  • 100 Free Spins

  • 5 Free Spins + 5x Multiplier

  • 10 Free Spins + 2x Multiplier

  • 10 Free Spins + 3x Multiplier

  • 50 Free Spins + 2x Multiplier

  • 6,000 Coins

  • ?” Mystery Coin Prize

New Online Slot Machine Overall

The obvious question here is how good this game really is. I think that depends on what draws you to play different slot machines. There are four main categories to be considered – entertainment value, range of features, bankroll longevity and, of course, profitability.

Entertainment Value: I feel the Booster Slot succeeds, but does not excel, in the entertainment department. The win rate is very high, increasing the overall excitement, but there are very few features and no special animations to spice it up.

Features: The entertainment level would be much higher if there were more features in this game. As it is, the Bonus round is the only thing to look forward to, and that could trigger a free spins phase, with or without multipliers. It’s not without its perks, but Booster Slot isn’t nearly as feature-rich as iSoftBet’s typical releases.

Bankroll Longevity: The new online slot machine gets high marks in this regard. You don’t expect low volatility in 25-line slot these days, but with only 8 symbols on the reels, the win frequency is well above 50%.

Profitability: The highest payout on Booster Slot is 6000 coins. I never got anywhere near that. In fact, my highest payout was 75 coins for 5 double-bars, which I hit four times in 100 spins. I actually experienced a 75% winning-spin rate, which I thought was fantastic, except that I still ended up losing $3.50 in the end.

Overall, I do like this game. If you’re looking for something packed with features, Booster Slot may not appeal to you. But if you like retro symbols with high frequency wins that keep your bankroll fairly well stocked, this new online slot machine will do the trick.

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