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Skrill Casinos and Neteller Casinos in Canada

A decade ago, you couldn’t hear the names Skrill (which was then known as “Moneybookers”) or Neteller without it being preceded or proceeded by the words “PayPal alternative”. That’s what they were considered to be. They offered the same features; they provided the same service. As far as online gambling was concerned, they filled a gap that PayPal refused to even acknowledge.

In time, they would stop being referred to simply as “PayPal alternatives” and would become respected payment providers in their own right. Today, these are two of the biggest deposit and withdrawal options in the world of online gambling. In fact, Skrill is actually more popular and more widespread than PayPal is. Not bad for a company that began in PayPal’s shadow.

In this article we’ll look at Skrill casinos and Neteller casinos, covering the reasons why you would want to use them.

Why Use Skrill Casinos?

Skrill began to accept online payments on gambling sites long before PayPal did. As a result, they got a head-start on this industry and that has led to them being the biggest web wallet today. It’s not just because they got there first either, as Skrill have many features that you just won’t find on PayPal.

For one thing, Skrill is often a lot cheaper than PayPal is. There are very few fees, and of the ones that do exist they are always smaller than PayPal. From the outset Skrill has also been easier to setup and use, allowing for greater flexibility and offering fewer restrictions in regards to verification. Aside from these two things, Skrill offers all of the benefits that PayPal and web wallets do. It is fast, it is easy to use and you only need a bank account or a debit card to use it.

What’s more, just like PayPal, Skrill only requires you to make a single deposit into your Skrill account, from which point on you can move that money into as many gambling accounts as you want. You can deposit, withdraw, spend and gamble until your heart’s content. As long as your initial money remains, then you won’t need to make a further deposit.

Why Use Neteller Casinos?

Neteller was actually embraced in the online gambling sector before Skrill was. In fact, this company probably wouldn’t have existed if not for online gambling. It was founded in 1999 and entered what was a very saturated market. It struggled to gain traction in that market and was rarely used for shopping and online auctions like PayPal and Skrill were.

However, Neteller was a prized asset within the gambling community and that remains to be the case to this day. Neteller is still barely used outside of the gambling industry and is always considered to be a lesser service than both PayPal and Skrill. But within that community it is huge, and not without reason.

Neteller is currently owned by the PaySafe Group, who also own Skrill. But to show you just how far this industry has come, it was actually Neteller’s owners that bought Skrill, and not the other way around. They paid over $1.5 billion for it in 2015, and since then these two services have become very similar.

There’s nothing stopping you from having both a Skrill and Neteller account. But in all honesty, you don’t need to. They are both cheap, easy to use and fast. They are both compatible with most gambling sites and payment providers and they are both widely available here in Canada.

Skrill Casinos and Neteller Casinos in Canada

So, just where can you use these two payment services? Which Skrill casinos and Neteller casinos are the best?

Not all online casinos allow Canadians to join, and of the ones that do, not all of them offer web wallets. In many Canadian online casinos you will be restricted to Instant Banking transfers, eChecks and wire transfers. We can all use these and we all know about them, but they are not as accessible and tend to overly complicate both the depositing and withdrawing process.

The good news is that there are still a number of Skrill casinos and Neteller casinos for Canadians. One of our personal favorites is Royal Vegas Casino. This has been around for almost as long as Skrill has and is almost as popular with gamblers around the world.

Skrill Casinos: Royal Vegas

If an online casino is reputable, with all the correct regulatory and licensing information, and all the necessary security certificates, then there is very little to separate it from its competitors. They use the same platforms and games; they all tend to have some form of live chat; and most of them have very dedicated customer service staff.

But there are differences when you dig a little deeper, and on the best sites like Royal Vegas, these are very evident from the outset. You will notice that Royal Vegas have one of the largest selections of banking options, for instance. There are over 3 dozen ways that you can deposit money into your account, including Skrill and Neteller. Many of these aren’t available to withdraw with, but there are still many withdrawal options as well.

The promotions offered by Royal Vegas also help to set them apart. For as long as we can remember they have offered a promotion of $1,200 for new members. Many casino promotions come and go. At best they fluctuate, at worst they disappear completely. But this promotion from Royal Vegas has even around almost as long as they have.

Royal Vegas also offer free spins and loyalty bonuses. All members are also added to the Fortune Lounge Group community. This opens up many more promotions, including their famous “Cruise Tickets” promotion (which actually hasn’t been seen for over a year now) and a VIP scheme.

Get More from Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas is legal in most countries, with the United States being one of the biggest exceptions. It is regulated in Europe, where it is also based. However, it has a large following in Canada and in Australia, and many of its games, its support and its banking options are geared towards members from these two countries.

To get the most out of Royal Vegas, you need to make sure you signup via the right link. Or that you use the right code. It is possible to join while missing out on the promotion, which would be a crying shame. Many members also fail to notice the loyalty scheme and never check their Fortune Lounge account. This means they miss out on a lot of extra free cash, free spins and more. So, pay attention. Check your welcome emails. Check Fortune Lounge and take every penny they give you.

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