9 Feb

eCheck Casinos: Gambling in Canadian Casinos

Looking for a safe, fast and convenient way to deposit on online casinos? eChecks may be the answer. This Canadian-only payment option is used throughout the country and is available on most casinos and sports books. In this eChecks gambling guide we’ll take a look at the basics. We’ll show you how to use eChecks and we’ll also point you toward the very best eCheck casinos.

What are eChecks?

eChecks, as the name suggests, are basically electronic checks. The difference is that they can be processed straight away, without the recipient needing to wait for several days or even several weeks. Besides the speed, there are also benefits in regards to safety and affordability, as they don’t require huge processing fees, or any fees for that matter.

You use eChecks in much the same way that you would use a paper check. You input your details, you get the details of the recipient and you send. The difference is that these checks are sent through your banking system, much like a bank transfer.

Why Use eCheck Casinos?

The main reason that many players use eCheck casinos is because they are unable to use a different option. They may have rejected the notion of debit cards and credit cards; they may not like web wallets; or they may find bank transfers too expensive. eCheck casinos combine many of the benefits of these services into one payment method:

  • Like web wallets, they are fast;
  • like bank transfers, they are secure;
  • as with debit cards, there are no fees;
  • and like prepaid cards, the recipient doesn’t receive or hold onto sensitive financial information.

Of course, all payment methods have their downsides and eChecks are no exception to this. There are actually several downsides to these that you won’t get with debit cards, instant banking transfers and other popular methods.

For instance, an eCheck can bounce just like a regular check. When this happens you will be charged a fee. This means it can be a costly mistake. eChecks are also not compatible with all merchants and gambling sites. That’s not to say that compatible sites don’t exist, but that they are not as widely available as ones that accept web wallets and cards.

eCheck Brands

There are several different eChecking systems out there. They all send eChecks and many of these have the same features. However, there are a few differences. Much like regular checks, these can include everything from the fee you pay when a check bounces, to the number of steps you have to go through in order to process a payment.

One of the most most common eChecking systems is the ACH Check, which stands for Automatic Clearing House. These are also used in the United States and they are synonymous with eChecks for many users. Other e-Checking systems are known simply as “eCheck” or “Instant eChecks”, and most of them use a variant of this name.

To check whether you have access to one of these, simply ask your bank. You can also process eChecks through many other payment methods. In fact, even PayPal can process these payments for you, which may give you a way to use this web wallet to deposit on sites that typically don’t allow it.

eCheck Casinos in Canada

There are actually many different online casinos that accept eChecks and also welcome Canadian players. We have played on most of these over the years and below we have listed our top five:

  • Royal Vegas Casino: Owned by Digimedia, one of the biggest gambling brands in Malta, Royal Vegas is a true giant in this industry, but one that deserves every bit of praise. Its games are solid, its bonuses are big and there are many additional features that help it to standout.
  • Jackpot City: Similar to Royal Vegas in many ways, Jackpot City can be considered to be a lesser clone. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have any merit, but that Royal Vegas tends to excel when it comes to the most important features.
  • BetWay Casino: Although it is a bit smaller than the ones listed above and suffers from what we can only think of as neglect (because BetWay’s main concern is their sports book) this site does have merit. It’s sleeker and there are many newer games. The bonuses and customer support let it down though.
  • Spin Palace: This casino doesn’t have the best reviews and we agree with most of what they have to say. The support isn’t great, the games are lacking and overall, Spin Palace just doesn’t have what you’d expect. However, the one area it excels is its loyalty bonus. This is by far the best loyalty bonus around, and this alone is enough to warrant their inclusion on this list.
  • Ruby Fortune: An all-round solid site. Ruby Fortune doesn’t particularly have anything amazing, but it ticks all the right boxes. It is worth a look if any of the above ones aren’t to your taste.

eCheck Casinos: Alternatives

There are several different alternatives to eChecks on the market. These offer similar benefits and features, but aren’t quite the same on the whole. Some eCheck alternatives available to Canadian gamblers include:

  • Instant Banking: Very similar to eChecks in many ways, instant banking can process payments from your bank to the merchant quickly and easily. Like eChecks, they are connected to your bank and in most cases you only need a bank account in order to process one.
  • Gift Cards: There are gift cards that can be used to gamble with a set amount of money using a set brand of card, such as Visa or MasterCard. Like the gift cards you buy from department stores, these can be bought for yourself or for others and most are one-time use. They are safer and more anonymous than eChecks, but are just as quick and easy.
  • Web Wallets: These are perhaps the most well known and include Skrill and PayPal. Not all of these can be used for online gambling here in Canada, but Neteller and Skrill are fairly common. Web Wallets, like eChecks, are safe and serve as a bridge between the funding source and the gambling account. However, there isn’t as much separation as with other methods.

#1 Canadian-Friendly Casino

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