About Us

Here at Debit Card Casino we’re committed to breaking the mould, to offering something a little different and something a little more genuine. Debit Card Casino was founded out of a frustration with the way many gambling “review” and “guide” sites were setup. We were fed up searching for reviews and getting nothing but biased affiliate links. We were fed up with searching for promotions and finding broken links and We were fed up with writing that looked like it had been fed through Google translate backwards and with site designs straight out of the late 1990s.

At Debit Card Casino we love gambling and we have gambled online since the very beginning. As a result, we know exactly what gamblers want to read about, and we also know that gamblers know when a site is genuine or not. Debit Card Casino was setup to give gamblers what they want—honest, accurate and helpful information.

Our Guides

There are two mains points of focus on Debit Card Casino. You will find guides and tutorials on both of these:

  • Speciality Gambling: There are far too many sites out there that cover sports betting and other popular bets. We like to do something different, which is why we focus on novelty bets and special bets. These are the obscure, prop bets you will find on most sites and will often dismiss. But once you read a few of our guides we promise you that you’ll fall in love with these markets just as much as we have.
  • Deposit Methods: There was a time when your only option to deposit or withdraw was a credit card or debit card. Thankfully, that has changed and now there are dozens of options at your disposal. This can be a little confusing for new gamblers and younger gamblers though, which is why we aim to cover all of these options on Debit Card Casino. We’ll discuss everything from Interac Instant Banking and PayPal, to e-Checks and gift cards.

We review casinos, sports books and new deposit methods. We’ll also tell you which sites are best suited for your preferred method of depositing and your preferred way to gamble.

Who We Are

Debit Card Casino is made up of the following, all of whom work to keep this site ticking over from day to day:

  • Seb Anderson: The owner and operator of Debit Card Casino. Seb organizers the content and decides upon the direction of the site. He is also tasked with helping Debit Card Casino to climb up the rankings, ensuring our guides and reviews are seen by more readers.
  • Dave Lester: Dave is the editorial director of Debit Card Casino. He hires a team of writers who create the content you find here everyday. Dave also writes a lot of content himself and nothing gets published without his say-so.
  • Olivier Thomas: As our head designer, Olivier has helped to produce the logos and layouts for Debit Card Casino. He also sources all of the images that you see on this site.
  • Adalene Lucas: Ada is our skilled coder and webmaster. Her role is to keep everything up and running, dealing with any problems if and when they arise.

Our Goals

Our goal on Debit Card Casino is to provide the gambling community with the information they want in a way that is unbiased. We know that sites have to make money, but we don’t think that their ads have to be “in-your-face” or that they should cut so many corners when it comes to providing well-researched and well-written content. So, we don’t throw ads in your face, we’re not biased and all of the content we create is produced by experienced, professional copywriters who also happen to be huge gamblers.

We want to give you what you want by giving you what we have always wanted as well. We have a little time and a little money to commit to his endeavor and we’ll keep Debit Card Casino running in this way for as long as we can. If you’d like to help us out with this, please take a look at the section below.

Our Partners: Helping Us Out

Debit Card Casino is a free content site. There is no premium membership here and we don’t flood the site with intrusive pop-ups or Google ads either. Despite that, we still need to keep the coffers full so that we can pay our writers, editors, designers and coders, and so we can make sure the bills get paid. To help with this we affiliate with a carefully selected number of sites.

As we mentioned above though, Debit Card Casino was created to avoid becoming just another affiliate website. So, we don’t ask our writers to include any specific links, nor do we ask them to bias their opinions. Instead, we give them the job of finding the best casinos/sports books for certain tasks and when they have done that we ask our editorial director to create a partnership with the recommended sites.

Many of them reject (they’re going to get a promotion either way, after all) but a few of them accept. That’s why of the dozens of sites we recommend, only a small minority are affiliate links. These links may also appear in banners around the site. In this case we like to make sure that they are connected to new member bonuses and other perks.

If you plan on joining these sites, please do so through our links. It’ll be easier for you as it will make sure you get a bonus. It will also help us to ensure Debit Card Casino keeps going.

Getting in Touch

If you have any questions about Debit Card Casino; if you would like to write for us; to design for us; or to work with us in any other way, then please feel free to get in touch. You can find details on how to do this on our “Contact” page. There are also Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy that you may want to look at.

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